Friday, July 13, 2007


I visited Punjab in 1978 upto Vagha Border when I was under training at Chandigarh. At that time I found that Bar shops there were doing very brisk business. By 2007, things have changed! Our State A.P. is addicted to alcohol and is the largest buyer of liquors in India.

I am a pure vegetarian (+lacto). In 1978 I found it very hard to survive searching for vegetarian food in Punjab. Now, our State A.P. is one of the largest consumers of milk products in India. According to Andhra Jyoti, a Telugu Daily (which quoted, I think a study by National Institute of Nutrition), we now consume 1.3 million kilos of chicken, meat and fish. 89% of population of Andhra Pradesh have turned non-vegetarians.

I am afraid that entire Nation is turning non-vegetarian.

There seems to be a strong link between consumption of alcohol + non-vegetarian foods and the violence on the roads - burning buses, stone pelting, widespread rampage and use of abusive language. According to Bhagavad Gita and other Indian ancient books, alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are classified as Raajasika (suitable for kings and warriors). Now our wars take place on streets! You can see the Akali and Dera conflicts in Punjab. You can see the Gujjar and Jat strife in Rajasthan. In Andhra Pradesh we find top T.R.S. leaders using abusive language before media.

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