Sunday, October 25, 2009


2009 Oct. 24. Madhepura Town, Bihar . GREAT ACT OF ORGANISING A CATWALK FOR BUFFALOES.. Thus spake Shri Prabhat Kumar, the Organiser of Catwalk for buffaloes at Madhepura:-

'We had organised a buffalo catwalk, a rare event, to attract people's attention to their plight and to respect and care for them,' Prabhat Kumar, the man behind the show, told IANS.'

He dreams of organising similar events at National and international levels.

Shri Prabhat Kumar deserves accolades. People, to some extent, take care of cows, in India, for religious reasons. Buffaloes do equally great service to humanity. The owners feed them well but treat them as objects of commerce and neglect their freedom. The owners chain them and confine them to unhealthy dungeons devoid of moving place and exposed to mosquito, scorpion and snake bites. Buffaloes in homes where the owner has only one buffalo becomes more deplorable because the confinement becomes solitary. I feel that buffaloes deserve company of fellow buffaloes. They are to be kept without shackles in a larger area in the Company of other buffaloes. Company reduces their misery. Their horns may be cut to manageable levels to prevent them from in-fighting, locking one another and hurting one another. The owners seldom take them outside to meadows and hills for grazing. Dwindling free space in the precincts of villages, stringent forest laws against grazing, non-availability of cowboys have led to the practice of confining buffaloes during day time also, compounding their misery.

There is a Sanskrit proverb: "Janani Janmabhuumi Swargad api gariiyasi". Meaning: Mother and motherland are greater than heaven. I do not know about mother-land. I can say that a buffalo is as great as a mother. This is because mother breastfeeds a baby only for a few months. A buffalo feeds us throughout our lives, just in exchange for grass.

Had some Hollywood star Angelina Jolie or some Bollywood star Katrina Kaif or some other sexy filmy girl declared that she loved buffaloes, everybody would have treated buffaloes like kings and queens. Indians do not act, unless film stars tell them to.

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