Sunday, June 26, 2011

Objective Type Questions Test on India

1.National Institute of Nutrition is at:
Chennai Hyderabad Mumbai New Delhi

2.Ranatambore is a reserve for protection of
deer elephants lions tigers

3.Desabandhu was the title of
Bipin Chandra Pal C.R. Das Lala Lajpat Roy Motilal Nehru

4.The author of Sanskrit book Sringara Naishadham was
Bana Harsha Kalhana Sri Harsha

5.If passengers from Visakhapatnam disembark at a Sea-port in Myanmar and travel by Road towards India, the first State they enter is:
Manipur Mizoram Nagaland Tripura

6.The authors of which language have won the largest number of Gnan Pith Awards? :
Bengalee Kannada Marathi Malayalam

7.The most ancient major language in South India is:
Kannada Malayalam Tamil Telugu

8.Shivaji was a contemporary of
Aurangzeb Shajahan Jahangir Rana Pratap

9.Quicksilver is an epithet of:
aluminium barium mercury nickel

10.Bauxite is the mineral to extract
aluminium barium Thorium Uranium

11.Kathak is a dance popular in
Assam Kerala Manipur Uttar Pradesh

12.The first country to promote family planning was:
China India Pakisthan Sri Lanka

13.Sita ki rasoyi is at
Bhadrachalam Chitrakoot Nasik Ayodhya

14.Ikshvakus did not rule
Ayodhya Andhra Coast Bihar NOT

15.Indian Science Congress meets every
six months year two years three years

16.Central Railway Head Quarters is at
Bhopal Itarsi Jabalpur Mumbai

17.Lakshya is a
missile pilotless aircraft radar rocket

18.Non-cooperation movement was launched in
1906 1921 1930 1942

19.When we divide a number by 0, the result we get:
1 0 infinity 1/infinity

20.Pugilists are popularly known as
athlets archers lifters boxers


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