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026 Lack of realisation of what is good and bad

026 Lack of realisation of what is good and bad
Topics for discussion: 026, Skyscrapers, Urban Development, Metropolitan Development, Industrial Development

Apparent existing impression: Western countries have a materialistic view of the world. Indians have a spiritualistic view of the world.
Hindi gist: पश्चिम देश दुनिया को भौतिकवादी दृष्टिकोण से देखते हैं। भारतीय दुनिया को आध्यात्मिक दृष्टिकोण से देखते हैँ।

This may only be partially true. Then a question arises, what %?
यह सिर्फ अर्ध सत्य हो सकता। फिर एक सवाल उठेगा: कितने प्रतिशत्?

Answer will end upto be subjective. There is no way to measure accurately.
जवाब व्यक्तिपरक हो जायॆगा। हेतु: नाण्यता या परिमाण नापने के लिये कुछ प्रमाण या सामग्री नहीँ है।

Some examples can be given. Here, I try to give. कुछ उदाहरण दे सकते हैँ। यहाँ मै कोशिश कर्ता हुँ।

VAlmIki rAmAyan वाल्मीकी रामायण

2-33-3, Sanskrit Verse Tataha praasaada harmyaan`i vimaana shikharaan`i ca adhiruhya janaha shriimaan udaasiinoo vyalookayat

ततः प्रासाद हर्म्यानि
विमान शिखरानिचा
अधीरुह्य जनाः श्रीमान
उदाशीनो व्याकुलात ।

Context and gist: Rama was proceeding to forest, at the behest of his father dasaratha and step mother-kaikEyi. People were watching from the high-rise buildings, with agitated and dis-spirited minds.

Hindi gist संदर्भ और संग्रहश्रीराम सीता लक्ष्मण के साथ, अपने पिता दशरथ और सौतेली माँ कैकेयी के आज्ञानुसार वन जा रहा था। उस विदारक दृश्य को आकाश हर्म्यो और विमान शिखरों से श्रीमान लोग व्याकुल और उदाशीन होकर देख रहे थे।

ybrao-a-donkey's observation: Skyscrapers are not new to pre-BC-CE Indians, unless they were the creations of the fantasy-seeking ballad-writers-singers. Hindi gist संदर्भ और संग्रहआकश हर्म्य क्रीस्त-पुर्व भारतीयों को नये नहीं हैँ, यदी न हो, ईस श्लोक पुराण प्रबोधक के सृष्टी।

21st Century २१ शताब्द

Example quoted here is from Deccan Chronicle Englis Daily 4th Sept. 2014. यहाँ दिया हुआ उदाहरण दक्कन क्रानिकल अंग्रेजी दिन पत्रिका, ४ सॆप्तंबर २०१४ से है।
Forty to fifty story high-rise buildings will come up along the Krishna River on both sides. --(Mr. Gadde Ramamohana Rao, M.L.A. from Vijayawada Constituency)

Hindi gist हिन्दी संग्रह: चालीस से पचास मंजिलवाले गगनचुंबी इमारतों कृष्णा नदी के दोनों कंधो पर उठ आयेंगे। --विजयवाडा ऎम. ऎल. ए श्री गद्दे राम मोहन राव.

Context संदर्भ: The newly formed State of Residual Andhra Pradesh has no Capital of its own. Arguments are going on for selection and construction of the State Capital. The dictator Chief Minister of the State Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu chose Vijayavada-Guntur-Mangalagiri Area for establishing the State Capital. टुटा हुआ, फटा हुआ आंध्र प्रदेश राज्य, नई शेषीभुत आंध्र प्रदेश राज्य को राजधानी नहीं है। इस राज्य के नियंतृत्व स्वभावी मुख्य मंत्री विजयवाड - गुंटूर - मंगळगिरि क्षेत्र को राजधानी के लिये चुन किया ।

Observation of ybrao-a-donkey वैबीराव गध के राय
1. On four sides of each high-rise building, there should be (in all certainity 'will be') slums and thatched huts. उन गगनचुंबी इमारतों के चारों ओर , मलिन बस्तियों और फूस की झोंपडियों रहना चाहिए (निश्चय रूप से रहते हैँ)।

2. Sewerage water discharging from the high-rise buildings should fed into the already dirty Krishna River without fail (it will definitely happen). उन गगनचुंबी इमारतों से धाराप्रवाह बहनेवाली मल भरित गंदे नाले को , उस से ज्यादा मलिन कृष्णा नदी में शामिल करना चाहिए (निश्चय रूप से होगा).

3. Later, we should seek foreign aid, collaboration, investment and technology from Japan, Germany, U.S.A. for cleansing the Krishna River. तदनंतर, हम जपान, जर्मनी, अमॆरिका से कृष्णा नदी को साफ करने के लिये विदेशी मदद, सहयोग, सहभागिता, पुंजी निवेश, और सांकेतिकता को मांगना चाहिए (निश्चय तरीके से होगा)।

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025 Indians are capable of prostrating and pulling down

025 Indians are capable of prostrating and pulling down
Topics for discussion: BJP, Political Culture, Venkaiah Naidu, Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi, Politics of Prostration

Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs is reported to have said:

I do not like people prostrating before us.

I never used to prostrate in front of seniors like Advani and Vajpayee though they gave me political birth.

Many are prostrating in front of me after I became Union Minister. I will be careful with them. ... Many pretend to prostrate and suddenly pull a person as happened in case of then CM NTR. ,,,

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu is said to have recollected how four to five people mostly women prostrated to NTR and when he asked, NTR remarked it was their love and affection. Mr. Naidu is said to have proceeded to explain how Nadendla Bhaskara Rao pulled down NTR later.

ybrao a donkey's comments

It is not poor people who may pull down the persons before whom they prostrate.

It is politicians, who prostrate and also pull down. Pulling down is their nature, whether they prostrate or not.

Now see this picture, Like mythological Suyodhana Mr. Narendra Modi is prostrating before Mr. L.K. Advani, the Bhishmacharya of BJP.

In the right side photo Mr. Modi was prostrating before Advani. In the left side photo he was bending forward to seek blessing of Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi.

Now, what is happening to the Gurus and deliverers? How could Mr. Modi suddenly bring a bench mark of maximum age of 75 years for being taken into Cabinet? Mr. Modi has the audacity to take into his Cabinet Ms. Smriti Irani who has not completed her XII Standard or Part I of her Correspondence Course and entrust her the administration of Human Resource Development of 1200 million Indian Citizens, supervising IITs, IIMs, UGC, AICTE, Public and Private Sector Universities and what not!! Mr. Joshi was a Physics Professor and was a stalvart in many Educational Commissions and Committees, besides being a Senior HRD Minister in Vajpayee's Cabinet. Mr. Advani needed no introduction.

Actually, it seems to be the fault of Mr. Vajpayee, Mr. Advani and Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi to have encouraged Mr. Narendra Modi, by exporting him from Delhi to Ahmedabad as Chief Minister in 2002.

The trinity sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind. They deserve their downfall.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu might not have prostrated before Mr. Vajpayee or Mr. Advani. But one thing is definite. Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, Mr. Rajnath Singh, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Ms. Sushma Swaraj played their AshADha bhUti roles in letting down Mr. Advani and Mr. M.M. Joshi. Now, Mr. Advani and Joshi must have been repenting for encouraging flunkeys like Messrs. Naidu, Rajnath, Jaitley, and Swaraj.

What will happen to Indian Parliament after prostration?

This photo shows, Mr. Narendra Modi prostrating before the entrance of Indian Parliament.
We have to wait and see what he is going to do to the Indian Parliament, having prostrated before it.

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24 Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy, and Priyanka drinking episode.

24 Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy, and Priyanka drinking episode.

Topics for awareness and discussion: Celebrities, Celebrity behaviors, Priyanka, Subrahmanian Swamy

"...(Ms. Priyanka) Gandhi would have been thrashed if she had done so (contested elections) as she drinks too much alcohol and has a bad name...."

Another version of what Dr. Swamy was reported to have said: "...she would have been thrashed if she had contested parliamentary elections from Varanasi against Narendra Modi, as she drinks too much alcohol and has a bad name. ..."

another version of what Dr. Swamy said:

"...They saved her. She would have got a thrashing. She is very unpopular, she drinks too much alcohol and she has a bad name, her husband has a bad name."

“...Gunde badmaasho ke tareeke istmaal karenge to lok tantra kaise chalaenge (If goons tactics will be used then how will they run democracy)?..."

“...All I said was Priyanka Gandhi should quit smoking and set an example. Why doesn’t she just say she doesn't drink?...”

“...There are courts to file defamation case at, what is this protest and all? More ppl showed up than Rahul Gandhi's meeting...”

"They saved her. She would have got a thrashing. She is very unpopular, she drinks too much alcohol and she has a bad name, her husband has a bad name,"

ybrao a donkey's observations

First-of-all, Dr. Subramnian Swamy appears to exceed limits of decency and dignity.

I am not sure whether this lack of decency and dignity is a representative trait of alumni of Harvard University, which seem to admit students not only on merit but also on donations.

Dr. Swamy can be seen from the above, challenging aggrieved persons to approach court and sue him for libel. This courage might have probably stemmed from his conviction that he has evidence and facts before him, and that disclosing truth can be a good defence against libels.

Apart from disclosing facts and truths, a defamer can also have a defence of compulsion to disclose facts and truths for public good.

In India and in most other countries, alcoholism has never been a disqualification for contesting to Parliament.
Alcoholism of Lok Sabha contestants was never a contentious issue of public debate in India. People have elected, are electing, and will probably continue electing alcoholics as MPs.

There are alcoholics in all parties, including Dr. Swamy's Party, BJP. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is reputed as an aficionado of spirits. Mr. P.N. Sangma, our former Lok Sabha Speaker is also believed to be a lover of spirits.

Can BJP place on its website, the names and addresses of connoisseurs of wine who are members of BJP, contesting as M.L.A.s/M.P.s?

Can it place on its website the names and addresses of liquor traders who are members of BJP? I am sure that BJP can't and won't. Of course, other parties also can't do.

Then why segregate Mrs. Priyanka Vadra and Mr. Vadra?

Dr. Swamy's misadventure will do one good. Indians have a tendency to believe that celebrities and leaders are paragons of virtue and models of excellence.

Thousands of Indians have named their children as Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv, Sanjay, Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka. Hearing this news, if at least some Indians start treating leaders as ordinary human beings, with average instincts, habits, iq, intellect, etc., it will do great good to Indian democracy.

In other words, we have to humanify, humanise our demy Gods, down to earth. This does not mean that we should look them down upon. It is, rather, we stop looking at them in the sky with awe, as if they were descending from some other planet, to imbue us with divinity.

Whatever I am writing here, also apply to other castes of celebrities like film stars, cricketers, judges, journalists, professors, corporate executives and industrialists.

About gUnDE, badmAshE adjectives used by Dr. Swamy for describing protesters, he may please realise that BJP workers also seem to indulge in similar gUnDE, badmAshE methods, occasionally. Can Dr. Swamy counsel (or at least request) the top leaders of BJP to discourage this type of tendencies in BJP, even if assuming that they are fewer in number than in Congress?

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23 Modi wave or BJP wave or anti Congress wave?

23 Modi wave or BJP wave or anti Congress wave?
topics for discussion: BJP, Murali Manohar Joshi, Narendra Modi, Advani, Adani, Rahul Gandhi, Modism

"Modi is the representative of the party as the prime ministerial candidate. And whenever a dynamic person moves with the support of the party, he creates a very strong sympathy and support for him, because of his track record also. So its not a highly personalized thing, it is a representative wave. He gets support from different parts of the country, from different sections of society, and from all leaders of BJP. So, he represents the general mood and the desire for change. You may call it a Modi wave, there is no harm in it. But it is a sum total of what is happening inside the country, it represents that,"

It is now the developmental model of the country as presented by BJP. In a country like India, what developmental model is true for Jammu and Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh, may not be true for Kerala.

"So to say that this model or that model -- no. So some good points may be there, some good points from the government of Tripura will also be there, it is not some straitjacket model,"

ybrao a donkey's feelings

We should, first, appreciate the courage shown by Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi, amidst all-pervasive Modimania. I hope he will persevere with it.

This type of courage Mr. Advani couldn't show.

But it will be better to call the waves roaring today, as 'anti-congress waves', rather than Modi waves or BJP waves.

There is no wonder or speciality in BJP winning in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgadh and Delhi, because they were and are BJP ruled states even before the advent of Modism on the BJP's horizon.

We can prove that there is a BJP wave or a Modi wave, only when BJP secures victories in Non-BJP ruled States like Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu.

In the mean time we can compare the publicity, marketing blitzkriez, paid-news we see in print and electronic media, only to the market promotion campaigns of film distributors.

Reasons for widespread anti-congress wave, are well-known:

1. anti-incumbancy factor.

2. sky-rocketing prices

3. hardships suffered by people owing to unilateral enforcement of Adhar scheme.

4. great scams and corruption.

5. displacement of farmers from their ancestral lands for setting up SEZs and parks.

6. suicide of farmers, as farming turned into an unviable high-risk commercial venture, resulting in debt and harassment from money-lenders.

7. suicide of small traders as small-scale trading could not compete with malls and super markets, bolstered by foreign investments and Chinese goods.

8. Conversion of education and health care into Corporate businesses, turning them inaccessible to common people.

9. Widespread unemployment both of unskilled labor and educated youth, as agriculture, agro-based industries and manufacturing sectors turned sick.

10. Excess emphasis on speculation in gold, shares, bonds, real estate, resulting in creation of nouveau-riche in the midst of deprivation and squalor.

Common man's dilemma is, whom to vote, to reflect their anger towards Congress? Though Mr. Modi is projected as a solution, his economic agenda does not differ from the economic agenda of Congress.

Example: Mr. Narendra Modi patronised the Adani Group. Congress too wanted to patronise the same Adani Group. When Rahul Gandhi pointed out Modi's fetish for Adani saying 'Advani out and Adani in', photos showing Adani and Vadhra discussing something, went viral on internet.

As far as crony Capitalism is concerned, no party can be immune in India, including AAP and Communists.

Mr. L.K. Advani's about turns

“This is the first ever election where it can be felt that people have already made up their minds to throw out the present (UPA) government. There is no doubt that BJP will form government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. I will take up any role which will be offered to me after election,”

Feelings of ybrao a donkey

We should not forget that SrIvAru has retweated a tweat which compared Mr. Modi to a snake.

Now, how Mr. Advani takes an about-turn? Because Mr. Modi fell down on his feet?

What responsibilities does Shri Advani want to shoulder in Mr. Modi's regime? Does he want to be anointed as President of India? Then, he has to wait another four years. Will he be satisfied if Lok Sabha's speakership is offered?
Or does he wants restoration of his Dy. Prime Ministership, with charge of Home Ministry? This may not be possible, because it might have been reserved for Mr. Amit Shah.

The election canvassing work of Mr. Advani in his Gandhinagar constituency used to be, earlier entrusted to his daughter. This time, Shri Advani has entrusted it to his son. One question which occurs to my mind is, why didn't he entrust this work to a second string leader in Gandhinagar? Why always close relatives and family members? Probably, it involves handling of cash.

Probably, because Mr. Advani might have thought that time for him is going to be up by 2019 when he may not be given even a ticket at Gandhinagar, and that it would be better to pass on the mantle to son, as customary in Indian politics. Mr. Advani might have entrusted his son's future to the gloves of Mr. Modi. Second string leaders in India can never get a chance, unless they start manoeuvering for themselves a la Mr. Modi.

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22 Marital affairs and Illicit Relationships of Indian politicians

Topics for discussion, चर्चांश: Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, Rahul Gandhi, Congress, BJP, Andhra Pradesh.
Mr. Arun Jaitley, BJP Vice President was reported to have said on 12th April 2014.

"I do not understand how disclosing a legal relationship is wrong in any way. Narendra Modi has done the right thing the right way. There are many people in illicit relationships in Rahul Gandhi's party. If people have the right to know this, then, they also have the right to know things which are not yet disclosed..."

ybrao a donkey's feelings

Disclosing a legal relationship is not wrong in any way. The question is why it was not disclosed in the previous elections. It is true, that as pointed out by Mr. Jaitley, Mr. Narendra Modi has now done it in the right thing. But, still, it is not fully in the right way. Truth should be disclosed in full in an honest manner, and not like Yudhishthira of Mahabharata who said 'aswaththama hataha kunjaraha' (AswaththAma was dead, the elephant).

The object of the Election procedure requiring candidates to disclose their spouses names and asking for the details of properties held in their names seems to be that corrupt politicians should not accumulate properties in spouse names.

In February 2014 Mr. Modi said at Sujanpur:

"Mere liye na koi aagey, na peechhey. Kiske liye bhrashtachaar karunga? (I've no familial ties. Who would I ever try to benefit through corruption?)."

May be he might have unofficially, unilaterally, in his mind, he broke his ties with Ms. Jashoda Ben, whereas Ms. Jashoda Ben still says that she is his dharma patni, like legendary Sita who was abandoned in the forest. He did not apply for his divorce through Indian courts, as per Hindu Marriage Act and customs under which he was married. According to Hindu traditions, and Indian laws, a husband has to bear his wife (bharta = one who bears. bhArya= one who is borne), unless and until he gets a legal divorce. Simply dropping wife at her parents' does not discharge his responsibilities.

By withholding essential, material facts, Mr. Modi has withheld information needed by the election process. The Returning Officers at that time acquiesced to the non-disclosure and blindly validated his nomination.

Even in the 2014 Vadodara affidavit, Mr. Modi, ought to have included an additional explanation for not providing the details of assets and liabilities of Ms. Jashoda Ben.
I and my spouse have been living separately for the last 45 years. She has her own sources of income. She has her own assets purchased from her income. I am unable to provide those details, because we live separately and do not have contacts.

What is missing here, is the required transparency. Once transparency is maintained, criticism from other parties and people may arise: How can a person who cannot look after his wife, can empower the women of the whole Nation? But this question is to be handled separately, outside the election nomination affidavit.

About illicit relationships of politicians

Unfortunately, the election procedures and the affidavits to be submitted are silent about persons in illicit relationships with the leaders, and the assets they own. Assets held by such illicit partners (we can't call them wives/husbands. Use of the word concubin will be harsh) can also be sizeable. Probably, election rules may have to be amended, seeking additional information on assets and liabilities of persons having illicit relationships with politicians.

Mr. Narendra Modi and some BJP leaders were vociferous about the assets of Ms. Sunanda Pushkar (Tharoor) before and after her marriage with Mr. Sashi Tharoor. Mr. Modi referred to her as "Rs. 50 crore girl friend". Mr. Narendra Modi himself did not hesitate to raise personal issues. Where did the political ethics pointed out by Mr. Jaitley go?

Discussion in Andhra Pradesh State Assembly

As far as I could remember, there was once a discussion in erstwhile United A.P. State Assembly about the extra marital relationships of M.L.A.s. It transpired that nearly 70-80% of A.P. M.L.A. had relationships of some type or other. I also recall that Mr. Suresh Reddy, the then appointed a House Committee to inquire into facts. The Committee went to dogs.

A.P., though we cannot generalise, still can be taken as a representative sample of India. At least 50% of M.L.A.s of other States, and Indian M.Ps may have this type of relationships. Four issues arise from these relationships:

1. Whether corrupt moneys are diverted to buy assets to illicit wives/husbands.

2. Whether the illicit wives/husbands interfere into the working of the M.L.A.s, M.Ps and Ministers? .

3. If the M.L.As, M.P.s and Ministers stay at the houses of their live-in illicit partners, how far the first wives are neglected?

4. Do prior wives remain silent out of fear, or out of hope to get property shares of the politicians from their corrupt wealth. If the prior wives take divorce, they will only get some maintenance. By remaining mum, they will get property shares, even if they lose husband's cohabitation and love.

Mr. Jaitley was reported to have commented:--
"There is the political ethics that women and personal life of people are never brought in politics. It has never been made an issue in our country. Because the Congress party is on the verge of defeat and it has no other topic to bring up, it has taken up the marital status of Narendra Modi as an issue."

ybrao a donkey's feelings

Ethics in this country requires rulers to set exemplary standards to the common people they rule.
Bhagavad Gita 03/21. Whatever elite and leaders in society do others will emulate. Whatever the elite take as standard, the world will copy. ——↠↠ yad yad Acharati SrEshThas tat tad dEvEtarO janah sa yat pramANam kurutE lOkas tad anuvartatE.
If a ruler neglects his wife, leaving her to fend for herself, howsoever noble may be his reason for doing that, what will the common people do?

Why political ethics in India ignores personal behaviors? It is very inconceivable to expect that a person who is unethical in his personal life, will be ethical in his political life. Personal life and political life go hand in hand, and are inseparable. However, politicians can have complete rights to justify their behaviors and even right to privacy, as long as they do not pontificate and harangue to common people on the same affairs and subjects.

There is a story about Gandhiji. A parent went to Gandhiji with his son and requested Gandhiji to counsel the boy suitably and persuade him not to eat laddus. Gandhiji went on postponing his advice, until one day he conceded and counselled the boy suitably. The surprised parent was said to have asked Gandhiji, why this couldn't have been done during the first visit itself. Gandhiji said that he too had a fetish for laddus, and that he could not advise the boy to restrain from eating laddus, until he himself stopped consuming them. The postponement was time needed for Gandhiji to resist his own temptations.

Mr. Jaitley was reported to have commented:
"He has stooped down low by bringing up the marital status of Modi. So, if Rahul Gandhi has stooped down so low, then he should tell about his own party leaders."

ybrao a donkey's comments

If Rahul Gandhi has anything to disclose about himself, he ought to disclose. He will then be setting a great example. He can also advise his followers to be transparent.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

21 Modi's self-confidence

21 Modi's self-confidence

Discussion Menu: Narendra Modi, Arun Kejriwal, Varanasi, Kasi, Vadodara, Baroda, Lok Sabha

Mr. Narendra Modi (namo) apparently lacks self-confidence.

Proof: Contesting from two Lok Sabha constituencies, VAraNAsi (kASi) and VadodAra (BarODa).

Mr. Modi has already driven out the octogenarian 1991 President, Physics Professor, Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi from VaraNasi. I pity Mr. Joshi. I compare him to Legendary Sage Agastya who was banished from Varanasi to southwards, beyond Vindhyas.

vArANasi is a great Hindu pilgrimage Centre and place of Hindu renaissance, full of sAdhus who have votes. Thus, Mr. Modi is assured of success in Varanasi. There should not have been any need for him to contest from any other Constituency, unless he is unsure of his victory. In political chronological seniority, Mr. Aravind Kejriwal is a bachcha before him. There, should not have, hence been no need for Mr. Modi to feel an uncertainity or risk, except in case of a 10% unforeseen change in the wicket and pitch.

Now, Mr. Modi contesting from Vadodara indicates that he is unsure of Varanasi. But, suppose if Mr. Narendra wins in both the Constituencies. He will have to choose one. Whom will he choose? Either way, it will be injustince to one Constituency. There will, unnecessarily be a bye-election adding avoidable costs to exchequer.

This also shows that Mr. Narendra Modi lacks a spirit of his commitment to his own party colleagues.

Proof: Suppose he contests only from one constituency. Pray not, but let us suppose that he loses it, but his BJP Party secures the magic number 272+. He can chose the Rajya Sabha route a la Mr. Manmohan Singh and become Prime Minister. Or he can allow his own colleagues like Mr. Rajnath Singh, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Mr. Lal Krishna Advani, Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi or any other Senior BJP leader to become Prime Minister. But selfish Mr. Modi will not like allow it.

Arun Kejriwal seems more courageous. He is contesting from only one Constituency. He is taking a risk of facing a bull like Mr. Narendra Modi. Suppose he loses, and AAP wins sufficient seats to form a coalition Government, he can always take a Rajya Sabha route, or even he can allow his colleagues Mr. Sisodia, Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Mr. Yogendra Yadav or any other leader to become PM.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

20 Barbarous haircut to Seemandhra

20 Who will do greater barbarous haircut to Seemandhra?

topics for discussion: bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh, Congress, BJP, 2014 Elections, haircut

Mr. Arun Jaitley is one of the top leaders in BJP. He is also leader of BJP Parliamentary Party in Rajya Sabha. He has recently written in his blog that Congress could not efficiently handle the issue of bifurcation of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Here is a link to his blog: click to go to

BJP ruled India from 1999 to 2004. Who stopped it from forming the State of Telangana amicably? Its lust for power stopped BJP from undertaking an amicable bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, because it was afraid of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu who was Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh at that time.

Ever since Congress came into power in 2004, BJP leaders, especially the BJP leaders of Andhra Pradesh went on instigating the violent TelangaNa movement. BJP leaders of A.P. joined the Telangana Joint Action Committee and they were too eager to fall at the feet of TRS bosses. Did they ever discourage TRS leaders from their abuses of Seemandhra People and stop extortions?

Did BJP top leadership, from 2004 to 2014, ever arrange for a joint sitting of leaders of Telangana and Seemandhra, for arriving at an amicable settlement? No.

BJP just went on prodding and pushing the Congress for the introduction of Telangana Bill in Lok Sabha.

Does BJP central leaders have any concrete action plan for an amicable separation of Andhra Pradesh? If they have any such plans, why don't they reveal?

They simply say that they will introduce some amendments to the Telangana bill in Lok Sabha. But they will not say, what they are going to do if Congress rejects them.

Their plan seems to be only one thing. Find fault with Congress, somehow or other. Get four or five seats by bargaining with TRS.

If BJP is serious and sincere

BJP top leadership should clearly announce what they are going to do if Congress rejects amendments if any moved by BJP in Lok Sabha. Will BJP vote in favor of passing the bill? Or will they allow the bill to lapse unaccepted? In that case they can go to the 2014 elections, publishing an action plan for bifurcation of A.P. if BJP comes into power.

A fair political party does not play hide and seek with people's sentiments. People are not stones. They have hearts and heads.

My gratitude to Mr. Arun Jaitley

It has been my decade old desire to draw a cartoon and publish it. I could not do it, because I did not have ideas, drawing skills and talent. I used to be jealous of my elder son, who is an accomplished painter of portraits and landscapes (not cartoons).

Utterances of Mr. Arun Jaitley, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Mr. Digvijay Singh (Congress in-charge for A.P.) and Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde (Home Minister) have motivated me to make renewed efforts to draw my first cartoon. Thus, my first cartoon "Who will do greater barbarous haircut to Seemandhra" , I could visualise, draw and publish, spending nearly six hours.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

19 Janata darbars

19 Kejriwal need not have abandoned janata darbar
Discussion topics: Aam Admi party, Arvind Kejriwal

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal need not have abandoned the very idea of running janata darbars, simply because some overcrowding was there. He could have arranged for construction of a queue complex on the model of Sri Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh.

The queue complexes can have compartments with benches for sitting, facilities for toilets, drinking water, public address system, medical help, etc. Tiffins, coffee and tea, meals can be sold at Aam Admi prices. Groups of people will move from one compartment to another compartment till they reach the sanctum sanctorum where Kejriwal and his Team sits. Closed Circuit TVs can broadcast suggestions to citizens on availing of Government Schemes and Programmes.

Computerised tokens with biometrics can be issued in advance, at the entrance. The token can have the time at which the Aam Admi should present himself at the entrance to go through the queue complex. Grievance forms can also be made available at the entrance.

Where there is a will, there will be a way out.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

018 Difficult to understand our Bhishma pitAmaha- we can understand Nehru and Patel

Deccan Chronicle 6th Nov. 2013 published a first page headline news item, titled "LK stokes row on police action. Cites book says Nehru called Sardar communalist".

Link to open it: Click to go to etc.

Readers may be aware that BJP and Congress both want to claim the legacy of Late Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. BJP's bhIshma pitAmaha Shri L.K. Advani might have thought that it would be worthwhile to quote something which showed that Nehruji called Sardar Patel, a communalist. He made a long search for a book which contained some references relating to Central Cabinet's discussions before Police Action on the erstwhile Hyderabad ruler, the Nizam. With the help of one of his friends, he could at last trace a MalayALam book, a memoir of a 1947 batch IPS Officer, one Mr. M.K.K. Nair. Its English translation is in a stage of further editing and publication. The title of the book is “The Story of an Era Told without Ill Will”.

bhIshmapitAmaha, in his blog, extensively, quoted from the blog.

Link to the particular blog post of bhIshma pitAmaha:

Click to go to

I am writing my comments on bhIshma pitAmaha's blog here, because Mr. L.K. Advani's blog does not allow length exceeding 1000 characters. Besides, they seem not to accept anything which criticises Shri aDvaNi or BJP. Their moderation system is totally intolerant. They do not disclose their Email address, nor contact us when we give our Email address. Hence, I have no alternative, except placing my comments here. Of course, I leave my comment at their post, requesting them to have a look at this post. They will remove my comment, probably because audi alterim partem is not their policy.

ybrao a donkey's analyses

A look at the part of the text quoted at the particular Mr. Advani's blog post, a narration of what might have happened on 30th April 1948, indicates that it reflected the title of the book being without 'ill will'. So far so good.

The text also clearly indicates that there was no gulf between Nehru and Patel. Only one sentence was attributed to Nehru, which I quote here.
...At a cabinet meeting, Patel had described these things and demanded that army be sent to end the terror-regime in Hyderabad. Nehru who usually spoke calmly, peacefully and with international etiquette, spoke losing his composure,...
You are a total communalist. I will never accept your recommendation.

OK, it might have been true that Nehru lost his composure and parted with international etiquette. This can happen in heat of discussions.

We must appreciate that Nehru allowed Patel to frankly speak out his arguments. We must also appreciate that Patel had the courage to speak out his mind. They had no ill will or secret agendas against one another.

This type of frank and open discussion may not take place in Central Cabinet Meetings of today, whether under NDA or under UPA. Our Cabinet Ministers are all pawns for the PMs de jurie, de facto (official and unofficial PMs). We should be sad that "Gone were the days of Nehru and Patel".

Mr. Nair's narration also clearly shows that Nehru changed his mind and supported the police action, after he saw the news that two 70 year old nuns were molested by raZAkars. It was only a question of how much time a chemical may take to ignite. One chemical may take 25 seconds to ignite. Another chemical may take 25 minutes to reach a combustible temperature. Even on the same person, same trigger may provoke different reactions on different days, or at different hours on the same day.

The key element of Mr. Nair's narration quoted at Mr. aDvANi's blog, refers to a treacherous act committed by the army Indian Army Chief Mr. Busher, who passed on the news of impending police action to his Pakisthani counterpart in French language. It was the tapping of Mr. Busher's phone, which revealed his heinous espionage. It was that alertness exercised during the days of Patel and Nehru which should give us great joy, and not the petty differences between Nehru and Patel.
The following link to The Telegraph Daily dated 5th June 2005, depicts the opportunism displayed by Mr. aDvANi during his visit to karAchi.

Click this Link to The Telegraph dt 5.6.2005 in a new window.

Shri Advani received a guard of honor, given by PakisthAnI Navy. He was given all the pompacities extended to Heads of State. Shri aDvANiji might have been inflated and hoisted by pAkisthan to cloud nine, like Salya who was lifted by duryOdhana before kurukshEtra war . Hence it will be apt to quote what he wrote in the Jinnah Mausoleum's visitors' book. (This quote, kind courtesy The Telegraph).
There are many people who leave an inerasable stamp on history.” ... “But there are very few who actually create history. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was one such rare individual."

“In his early years, Sarojini Naidu, a leading luminary of India’s freedom struggle, described Mr Jinnah as an ‘ambassador of Hindu- Muslim unity’. His address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947, is really a classic, a forceful espousal of a secular state in which, while every citizen would be free to practise his own religion, the state shall make no distinction between one citizen and another on grounds of faith. My respectful homage to this great man.”

Shri aDvANi, the previous day, during his first day's visit to Pakisthan, criticised in Pakisthan, the demolition of Babri Masjid, which he had never done in India, and which his and Mr. Vajpayee's speeches seem to have promoted and prompted.

Jinna's Mausoleum gave him a brochure, which said:
“The necessity of a separate homeland became all the more vital as the Hindu majority made it increasingly difficult for the Muslims in India to live a free and unfettered life according to the tenets of Islam.' So within the short span of a few years, the Quaid rallied the Indian Muslims under the green flag of the (Muslim) League and gave the Pakistani movement a momentum which neither the British government nor the Indian Congress could contain.”

Gist: It is not easy to understand our bhIshma pitAmaha. We can understand Nehru and Patel.

Added on 16.4.14:

Now, this Bhishma pitAmaha -aka- abhinav Sardar Patel has become a beggar at the door of Mr. Narendra Modi. He is prepared to accept any role which the new administration will entrust him.

Added on 1st June 2014

Mr. Modi has not so far come forward with any clear public transparent offer to Mr. Advani or Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi. Mr. Modi may not offer any thing to these Gurus until he accommodates Mr. Amit Shah into the Union Cabinet.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

#017 What is actually happening in Andhra Pradesh?

Government of India has totally let down the people of sImAndhra (13 districts of Andhra Pradesh).
Question: Prove how the Government of India has let down the 50 million people of sImAndhra.
Answer: Government of India and the Government of Andhra Pradesh, in their craze for "cities" went on investing funds belonging to 700 districts of "All India" and 23 districts of "All Andhra Pradesh", in Hyderabad City from 1957 to 2013. Consequently, Hyderabad City has:
Hyderabad Central University
Hindusthan Aeronautics Ltd. HAL
Hindusthan Machine Tools Ltd. HMT
Bharat Dynamics Ltd. BDL
Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. ECIL
Hindusthan Cables Ltd. HCL
National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. NMDC
Defenece Electrnics Research Laboratory DLRL
Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory DMRL
Defence Research and Development Laboratory DRDL
Nuclear Fuel Complex NFC
South Central Railway, Zonal Head Quarters, Secunderabad, SCR.
Indian Institute of Technology, IIT.

Consulate of USA.
International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics ICRISAT.

Hytec City (Govt. allotted lands at throwaway prices)
Cinema Industry (Govt. allotted lands at throwaway prices)
Numerous Super Speciality Hospitals (Govt. allotted lands at thow away prices and permitted import of equipment without customs duty).

In 2006 Centre wanted Govt. of India asked Govt. of AP to send proposals for ITIRs. AP Government sent four proposals for Hyderabad City. Govt. of India cleared a proposal to invest Rs. 2.49 lac crore in Hyderabad, in spite of knowing that there is a serious turmoil about Hyderabad. Mr. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Minister said that they were preparing a proposal for Visakhapatnam. He could not explain why they could not do it in seven years!
The above list is not exhaustive.

Neither the Government of India, nor the Government of A.P. foolishly ever thought of decentralising and spreading Central Projects or State Projects all over India or all over A.P. as the case may be.

As people of 23 Districts of Andhra Pradesh started visiting Hyderabad both for purchases and for migration, Hyderabad has become a very large distribution center for marketing a variety of goods and services ranging from computers to cars. This led to 52% of tax income for the state of Andhra Pradesh, started generation from Hyderabad City.

Question: Didn't the SImandhra landlords and industrialists capture all the lands of Hyderabad?

Ans: Landlords and rich persons of not only telangANA, sImAndhra, but also the landlords and rich persons of All-India, NRIs, Persons of Indian origin, Foreign Companies, everybody under the sky started purchasing and cornering land in Hyderabad. Consequently poor persons living in Hyderabad are unable get a 100 yards of land or a small apartment within their financial means. The Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh should accept responsibility for this because, they FAILED TO PREVENT landlords, business houses, industrialists, film stars, cricketers, NRIs, PIOs, foreign companies, from buying THOUSANDS OF ACRES OF LAND by cheating innocent villagers owning lands in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Poor of telangANa, poor of sImAndhra, poor of other States in India, have not participated in this looting.

Land mafias have started controlling Hyderabad. This led to conflicts among telangANA land mafias, rAyala sIma land mafias, Coastal Andhra land mafias. Politicians of all parties are also participants in these mafias.

Andhra Jyothi telugu daily, published details of land settlement attempted to be made by KTR of T.R.S. (son of KCR, leader of telangANa movement), which led to the kidnap of a businessman in bhuvanEswar and attempted transport of him to Hyderabad via Visakhapatnam. As the Orissa Businessman was also a powerful person, he could get Orissa Police and A.P. police to his aid. But the A.P. Government seems to have abandoned the matter there.

Few days back (Oct. 2013) the DGP of AP Mr. Dinesh Reddy retired from service. He sought extension of service, but the Govt. of A.P. refused to concede. Reason attributed was that a CBI enquiry was pending against him for buying lands in benami names. Mr. Dinesh Reddy alleged that Chief Minister of A.P. Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy turned against him only because he did not accede to CM's demand for ignoring the land encroachment activities of Mr. Santosh Reddy, brother of CM. Followers of CM challenged the retired DGP to prove his allegations. AICC observer for A.P., Mr. Digvijay Singh also challenged the retired DGP to prove his allegations. Mr. Digvijay Singh could have taken up the matter with the AICC President Ms. Sonia Gandhi, or PM Mr. Manmohan Singh, or Central Home Ministry, or CBI itself, with a request to arrange a preliminary enquiry. What is the use of challenging a retired DGP, though he may be acting with a grouse? The DGP might have chosen to reveal the truth because his service was not extended. He could have concealed the truth, had his service been extended.

It is the duty of Central Government to dig out what really happened in case of benami land deals of Mr. Dinesh Reddy, land settlements of Mr. Santosh Reddy, and Mr. KTR.

Late Mr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, deceased CM of A.P., and Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu made wild allegations against one another. But, Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, though he was a CM, did not pursue his allegations further with judicial enquiries against Mr. Naidu because, Mr. Rajasekhar Reddy himself was amassing wealth for his son Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy. Thus, Mr. Chandrababu, now gives a clean posture, while the disproportionate size of assets raise suspicions about the mode of his acquisitions. Nobody knows the clear reasons for the annoyance of AICC President Ms. Sonia Gandhi with Mr. Jagan. CBI was very active for sometime in pursuing the cases against Mr. Jagan. Now it has become dormant. Everybody is getting easy bails.

But, now, according to Mr. Veerappa Moily, Union Petroleum Minister, Congress has not started electoral alliance negotiations with Mr. Jagan, but it is not averse to it. Mr. Digvijay Singh also says that Jagan was like his son.

Question: What is the present pitiable State of Telugu people?

Ans: Thus, we can clearly see that A.P. is caught in the grip of land mafias and corrupt politicians belonging to all the four main parties Congress, telugu dESam, TRS, YSR Congress. We can use a simile here. In mahAbhAgavatam we have gajEndra mOksham story. A mighty elephant was caught in its leg, by an equally mighty crocodile in a pond. The gajEndra (king of elephants) prayed Lord VishNu so pathetically and pitiably that VishNu intervened by sending his divine discus (cakra) and slaying the allegator. Both the people of telangANA and the people of sImAndhra can be compared to this elephant's condition.

Question: Is there is no justification in demand for TelangANa demand?

Ans: People of telangANa had some legitimate regional grievances, which they thought erroneously, would be solved by separation. People of Telangana would actually lose their development after separation, as pointed out by Mr. KiranKumar Reddy. Reason: Hyderabad will be a City for 10 Districts, a small area. Distribution Business will go down. Tax collections will go down. Hyderabad may not become backrupt like Detroit. But slowing down will become inevitable. Some Telangana politicians can buy lands cheaply by threatening SImAndhra industrialists. But it will not help poor of Telangana.

Question: Tleaders say that Nizam ruled like benevolent and loving father and that Hyderabad was a rich City before 1956?

Ans: Tleaders can always bring back the legal heirs of Nizam and coronate them on the throne of Hyderabad. If Nizam ruled TelangANa with so much great affection, why did TelangaNa lag behind in everything? Why the people of TelangANa were so poor? Why they were made to say "bAncanu dora kAl mokkuta" ?

Question: If separate TelangaNa is given, they can control water from dams, and farmers of TelangANa can become prosperous.

Ans: If that is really possible, SimAndhra people should welcome it. After karnATaka and MaharAshTra, complete all their projects upstream, no water will enter Telangana from above. Only when there are some floods, rivers will be used as drainage canals. Central Govt. cannot control KarnATaka or Maharashtra for political reasons. Besides, the Govts. of KarnATaka and Maharashtra have to satisfy their own farmers. Even if Central Government says that they will address to grievances, nothing will really happen. Real solution for this problem: We have to purify sea water at KakinAda and Masulipatnam and pump them upstream Godavari and Krishna Rivers to irrigate TelangaNa. By 2050 we have to learn how to do it. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station will teach it.

Question: How about 60 years history of separate TelangaNa movement ?

Ans: 1969 Telangana agitation ended in a violent movement in 1969. Mrs. Indira Gandhi chose for her own political reasons, not to divide the State, and made Chenna Reddy, Governor of U.P. Had she divided A.P. in 1969, the states of telangaNa and sImAndhra would have developed independently and separately. People and leaders of TelangaNa erred by sleeping from 1969 to 2002.

People of sImAndhra did not like to live like second class citizens in Hyderabad, the State Capital, taunted by some fanatic telangANa activists. SimAdhra people, therefore, launched a jai Andhra movement in 1972. Indira Gandhi again chose the same technique of giving posts to disgruntled politicians. Had she divided the A.P. in 1972, telangANA and sImAndhra would have made some progress separately on their own.

Mr. K.C.R. who was Deputy Speaker of A.P. when Mr. Naidu was CM, reopened the telangANa movement, because Mr. Naidu didn't give him a cabinet berth.

When vAjpayee ruled India, he formed three new States in 2000, chattisgaDh, uttarakhand, and jhArkhand. That was a beautiful opportunity to divide A.P. and solve the problem permanently. But Mr. Vajpayee, Mr. Advani, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu colluded and decided not to divide A.P.

During 2000-2004, Andhra Pradesh was ruled by TDP and, India was ruled by NDA. Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rajasekhar Reddy were desperate to capture power. Ms. Sonia started wearing pink scarf on her neck and entered into an alliance with TRS for capturing telangANa votes. She started promising separate telangANa. She forgot about the people of sImAndhra, who were also her staunch supporters. She took them for granted.

UPA-1 came to power. It received support from TRS. Mr. KCR joined Central Cabinet as Shipping Minister. He started pressing Centre for separate telangaNa, and finally quit because Ms. Sonia was fulfil her promise.

2009. UPA-2. Ms. Sonia and Mr. Reddy coolly promised telangAna and got their power. SimAndhra people should have objected to it demanding united A.P. or a justifiable division of A.P. on reasonable give and take after negotiations. They blindly voted for Sonia, mesmerised by YSR. This was a great blunder. But, there was no alternative also, because they could not fully believe Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu (He is unreliable. He ditched his own father-in-law, NTR. He supported Third front first. Then he shifted his loyalty to NDA and BJP. In 2009, again he left NDA). SimAndhra People could not fully believe Mr. Chiranjivi. People were right in not fully believing Chiru. He ditched his voters and merged his party with Congress, to become Union Minister of State for Tourism.

2002 to 2013. The family party TRS (KCR, son KTR, son-in-law Harish Rao, daughteer Kavita are all bosses of TRS) instigated common and poor people of telangANa against people of sImAndhra by abusive words. (rAhul gAndhi should have called these nonsense long back! But he did not call for reasons known only to him). TJac leaders like kOdanDa Ram had his own set of abusive words. Maoists leaders like Gaddar, Varavara Rao, CPI leader nArAyaNa joined the fray. BJP did not lag behind because it wanted to get a foothold in telangANA. TelangANa BJP leaders forgot that there was BJP in sImAndhra. Everybody wanted to blame Congress. AICC wanted to fight the blame game by surrendering to TRS and get it merged with Congress. AICC forgot that there were sImAndhra poor people. Sonia thought by giving ministerial berths to Chiranjivi, kAvuri Sambasiva Rao, Mr. Seelam, Ms. Panabaka Lakshmi, palLamrAju, kishOre Singdev, she could sing some lullabies.

Not that there was no case for creation of telangANa. But the demands of TRS are outrageous. KCR and Co, kOdanDaram and Co, TCongress leaders forget that India is a whole geographical entity and division of States is only for convenience of administration. In fact, Smaller States are very convenient for people to reach their Capital, return back to their places within one day. This is important because staying in lodges is very expensive. Plate Meals in A.P. cost Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. Distance between Srikakulam (NH5,NH 9) and Hyderabad is more than 700 km. Distance between taDA Gudur Nellore and Hyderabad (NH5, NH 9, train Gudur-Vijayavada,Vijayavada to Hyderabad) is also more than 700 km. Distance between Anantapur and Hyderabad is also about 500 km. Distance between Hyderabad and Adilabad is also substantial.

KCR and Co, kOdanDaram and Co, some TCongress-TDP MPs, foolishly think that they can become emperors of new telangANa and drive out all SImAndhra people from Hyderabad, and resell/re-allot all the lands to new batches of industrialists and collect ransom. They want to cheaply buy the houses left by sImAndhra People, by thretening them. (This happened in Pakisthan. During partition, when Hindus of Pak came back to India, the PAKi Govt. and people occupied them). KCR already promised easy copy exams to telangANA students who lose their education during strikes. He promised increments and promotions to telangANA agitationist Govt. employees. He promised freedom-fighter like pensions to T agitators.

What TRS, TJAC, TCongress, T-TDP, T-BJP should realise is that they cannot drive away people selectively. Migration from one place to another place seeking livelihood all over India is a constitutional right. Purchase of small pieces of property for genuine personal use, is also a Constitutional Right. Purchase of jobs by paying bribes and with fake certificates should be curbed by filing cases. These are crimes, immaterial whether it is done by telangANa natives or Andhra natives. (Recall the case of Railway Recruitment Boards selling Railway Jobs in Maharashtra to some Biharis when Lalu was Railway Minister). Purchase of dozens of house plots, apartments, acres of lands in outskirts of cities etc. need severe correction. They have nothing to do genuine migration.

Instigated by KCR and K-ram, hooligans destroyed several statues of poets, freedom-fighters and great telugu men on the Tankbunds in Hyderabad. By their excess instigations, lives of TCongress and T-TDP MLAs and MPs became threatened and everybody joined the bandwagon of telangANa. Now, if KCR, KTR, TCongress, T-TDP, T-BJP leaders slow down their tempo of abuse, Tagitators will kill them. Thus, there is no go back.

SimAndhra people would not have objected if the Working Committee of Congress, prepared 3 or 4 sets of alternative offers of amicable division and asked the people of A.P. to chose one among them. There were indications that people and leaders would have accepted it, if the offers were reasonable. For example, Mr. Kishore ChandradEv, Union Minister suggested creation of three States. Mr. Undavalli Arunkumar, MP from Rajahmundry suggested three States. Mr. TG Venkatesh, Minister from Rayala Sima suggested three States.

Sonia and her followers (Pranab, Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram, Shinde, Chacko, Digvijay Singh) are trying to impose unjust unilateral decisions on people of SimAndhra. When people of TelangANa and SimAndhra jointly developed Hyderabad, how can Sonia gift the entire Hyderabad to TRS, as a bribe for its merger with Congress? This is the only point which united the people of SimAndhra and prevented them from going for a legitimate division. Ms. Sonia, Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Shinde say that the legitimate grievances of SImAndhra people will be addressed.

What they will they address? Why din't they intervene when KCR & Co, KodanDa Ram & Co went on abusing people of SImAndhra for ten years? Did they ever say a single word discouraging such abuses? What did the AICC leaders say when the statues on tank bund were ransacked?

Where is their concrete acton plan for redressing the grievances?

One simple example will do: Cabinet Note says that the residual State of Andhra Pradesh should mobilise its own funds for building a new Capital. Centre should have offered to bear the entire cost, because it is Centre which decided to divide.

Centre has not made any Multiple Choice offers for the Capital of SimAndhra, showing benefits and disadvantages for each choice. Does the Central Govt. want District Towns like Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Vijayavada, Guntur, Ongole, Kurnool, Kadapa, Tirupati, Anantapur (etc.) to fight among themselves.

Choosing Kurnool will cause great inconvenience to people of Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam, because they have to cross nallamala forest from Ongole to Kurnool. Vice versa. Choosing Visakhapatnam will cause great difficulties to people of Anantapur and Kurnool. Even choosing Vijayavada and Guntur also will not really help, because the ghat road between Vinukonda and Kurnool is full of culverts (no bridges), U curves, robbers, wild animals. It is just beside the Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam Tiger reserve.

Central Leaders have no realised the serious problems arising out of development of Capital Cities and consequent migrations. Suppose if Kurnool gets back its Capital (It was Capital from 1953 to 1956), simAndhra people from SrikAkuLam to SriharikOTa will migrate to Kurnool for livelihood. This is a constitutional right. Then they may buy some homes. Land Mafias will intensify their rule in Kurnol. Then they will have to start a separate RAyala SIma movement, just as the people of telangANA are doing now. Same will be the case if the Capital is in Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Vijayavada, Eluru, Guntur, Ongole, Nellore, Tirupati or any other place. Land mafias will take over.

This temptation for land is very peculiar. Like sex, it will not leave anybody in peace. Otherwise, why should Mr. Robert Vadhra get land allotted in Rajasthan and Hariyana, get some Govt. schemes for the places and resell them, making hundreds of crore in the process?

We need to throw cities into dust bin. We should go for medium sized towns for development, with maximum length of 5 km. and width of 5 km. The average size of a State should not exceed 250 km. in length and 250 km. in width. If the Capital of such State is in its Centre, every place in the State will not be more than 125 km. from Capital.

Taking the above parameters into consideration, A.P. can go for 5 states.
1. North Andhra. 2. South Andhra. 3. RAyala sIma. 4. North telangANa. 5. South telangANa.

KCR & Co says that nobody can forcibly keep two areas united. According to him, it would be unnatural. According to them, if one brother says "I want to go away", other brother cannot say "No". Right. Will one brother take entire property developed with common pool of funds? Suppose, tomorrow, if people of Nalgonda, Mahaboobnagar and Khammam, want a separate South TelangANa, will KCR & Co, North TelangANa Congress and TDP MLAS and MPs allow? They can't say that it is a hypothetical or imaginary question. Unity is not an inherent characteristic of Telugu people or Indians. Divisions and Separations are our Indian natural characteristics. Otherwise how could Alexander, Mohd. Ghazni, Mohd. Ghori, Allauddin Khilji, Mohd. Bin Tuglak, Babar, Akbar, Jahangir, Shajahan, Aurangzeb, Clive, Warren Hastings, Wellesley, Dalhousie, loot India for 1000 years?

How could Juna Khan (commander of Tuglaks) could take kAkatIya pratApa Rudra 2 as prisoner? Ans: velama dora commanders (one caste in AP) and reddy commanders (another caste in AP) squabbled with one another and refused to support pratApa rudra, together. Consequently, junA khAn could easily take away pratApa rudra as prisoner. Poor pratApa Rudra jumped from the boat into narmada river while crossing it enroute to Delhi.

KCR and Co, and Kodanda Ram and Co should realise that they have no right to drive away people even if Ms. Sonia and Shinde turn a blind eye to such atrocities. They should not become another Shiva Sena or tAliban in India.

The case for smaller States, we cannot limit only to A.P. vidarbha needs a State. North karnATaka needs a State. Probably South Tamil NADu. Probably Gujarat, Rajasthan. Probably more rounds for UP, Bihar.

Congress is blaming TDP and YSRCP for giving consent letters and going back. At that time, every party was facing threats from KCR & Kram. In the All Party Meeting, the Home Minister should have asked for conditions. Their consent cannot be for blind selfish division, without elements of justice. Besides, they did not expect big movement in SimAndhra.

If Messrs. Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Chacko, Shinde, Digvijay Singh, Chidambaram, go on making vague promises (without telling specifically what they wlll do), SimAndhra People will not believe. They have already started believing that Congress has a secret alliance with TRS and YSRCP, in spite of knowing that TRS leaders were threatening everybody and Jagan amassed hundreds of thousands of crores of Rupees with quid pro quo. Such selfish adament decisions will affect National Integration, because people of other States in India will someday or other will know truths.

BJP leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Rajnath Singh, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, Mr. Kishan Reddy, Mr. Vidyadhara Rao, Mr. BandAru DattAtrEya also cannot play with sentiments of Telugu people. The should talk to BJP SimAndhra leaders and come out with alternative plans, minimum three propsals.

Centre should keep pending the Cabinet Note. It must come forward with 2 or 3 alternate plans which will do justice to all the Districts of A.P. According to me, if North East can have seven States, why Andhra Pradesh should not get five States? But these States cannot be imposed. People of all the Districts will have to use their choices and options. They have to discuss among themselves. They have to voluntarily come out with ideas which can be implemented peacefully. Centre cannot impose.

(To continue. I reserve the right to modify the language used above or the ideas , if my readers find anything objectionable. I believe that I have not written anything sacrosanct or sinful.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Objective Type Questions Test on India

1.National Institute of Nutrition is at:
Chennai Hyderabad Mumbai New Delhi

2.Ranatambore is a reserve for protection of
deer elephants lions tigers

3.Desabandhu was the title of
Bipin Chandra Pal C.R. Das Lala Lajpat Roy Motilal Nehru

4.The author of Sanskrit book Sringara Naishadham was
Bana Harsha Kalhana Sri Harsha

5.If passengers from Visakhapatnam disembark at a Sea-port in Myanmar and travel by Road towards India, the first State they enter is:
Manipur Mizoram Nagaland Tripura

6.The authors of which language have won the largest number of Gnan Pith Awards? :
Bengalee Kannada Marathi Malayalam

7.The most ancient major language in South India is:
Kannada Malayalam Tamil Telugu

8.Shivaji was a contemporary of
Aurangzeb Shajahan Jahangir Rana Pratap

9.Quicksilver is an epithet of:
aluminium barium mercury nickel

10.Bauxite is the mineral to extract
aluminium barium Thorium Uranium

11.Kathak is a dance popular in
Assam Kerala Manipur Uttar Pradesh

12.The first country to promote family planning was:
China India Pakisthan Sri Lanka

13.Sita ki rasoyi is at
Bhadrachalam Chitrakoot Nasik Ayodhya

14.Ikshvakus did not rule
Ayodhya Andhra Coast Bihar NOT

15.Indian Science Congress meets every
six months year two years three years

16.Central Railway Head Quarters is at
Bhopal Itarsi Jabalpur Mumbai

17.Lakshya is a
missile pilotless aircraft radar rocket

18.Non-cooperation movement was launched in
1906 1921 1930 1942

19.When we divide a number by 0, the result we get:
1 0 infinity 1/infinity

20.Pugilists are popularly known as
athlets archers lifters boxers


Friday, June 10, 2011

Not reasonable to equate Late M.F. Hussain with Picasso or Ravi Varma

Media's hagiographic tendencies go on a prowl whenever a celebrity passes away. Not that celebrities do not have great merits and saintly qualities. But, they are also human beings with human qualities like greed, mis-perceptions, prejudices, love and hate emotions.

Passing away of Mr. M.F. Hussain, a renowned painter of India. He was a great artist, no doubt, in his own right.

I made a Google search on the number of pages which compared Late Hussain to Picasso. There were 493,000 results.

My observationsIt may be true that Late Hussain was a special invitee to an International Conference in which Picasso was also a special invitee. Equating people is often an abstract affair. No two artists can be equal.

Some newspapers have compared him to Raja Ravi Varma, another great painter from India.

My Observations:Raja Ravi Varma had a great reputation of bringing alive the Hindu Gods to the picture frames, who were till then mostly confined to temple-idols or bronze or stone statues. A Hindu meditating on Hindu God often ends up getting a picture of Ravi Varma's painting on the mental screen. Post-Ravi Varma Indian Painters improved upon the forms presented by Varma and made them to appear as aesthetic objects representing 'sathyam (truth), 'sivam (auspicious)' and 'sundaram (beautiful)'.

Hussain, on the other hand, depicted Hindu Gods and Goddesses in nudes or in ugly postures. He had deliberately or unwittingly hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Consequently Hindu zealots started chasing him and he had to retreat to Gulf and the ultimate asylum the United Kingdom. A brief explanation and a small apology would have been sufficient for him to avoid all the controversy, embarrassment and litigation.

He, instead, preferred the route of getting support- both monetary and otherwise- from the intolerant Islamic Gulf Regimes.

It is an irony that Government of India selected this Ravi Varma's un-doer Late M.F. Hussain to receive the award instituted to commemmorate Ravi Varma.

Hussain was essentially a painter of the commerce genre. He knew how to get exhibitions of his works organised. He knew how to sell his paintings at astronomical sums to crazy western and Islamic art collectors.

Appreciating or criticising modern paint works is an abstract and subjective activity. But I must say that, whenever I see Late Hussain's paintings, I do not get any aesthetic joy, a joy greater than that I get from looking at the paintings of late Devi Prasad Roy Chowdhury or Damerla Rama Rao or Vaddadi Papaiah or even Chitta Prasad. Their painting approaches, styles and techniques may vary. But they are as proficient as Hussain and there is nothing to justify placing somebody above and somebody below.

Every one of these should be equal to Picasso if a comparison with Picasso or Ravi Varma is unavoidable.

I beg you to differ with me. It is your right.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

14 Indian Popular League Cricket should start

Indian Premier League Cricket envisages auctioning of cricketers.

Film stars , industrialists, liquor merchants and politicians buy the cricketers. All of them make money at the cost of the viewers of T.V. channels.

Buyers of products have to pay the advertising costs on the T.V., irrespective of : whether the buyers view the T.V. ads. or any T.V. itself.

Those crazy T.V. viewers who watch sport and elite channels and buy the goods advertised thereon should pay the advertising costs. This type of viewers and buyers may not exceed 50% of buyers of products.

Another Important Injustice
Question: Why there are no teams for important Cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Dehra Doon, Bhopal, Ranchi, Raipur, Bhuvaneshwar or Cuttack or Poori, Gauhati or Shilling or Dispur?
Answer: These States are the cinderellas of India. These States are the real Bharath. These States do not have the financial clout to invest billions of Rupees to buy cricketers in auctions. The populations of these States view the channels and buy the advertised products. Even if some population does not watch the channels, yet they buy the products at advertisement-cost-added prices.

The Cricket Associations of these States should come together and start a Cricket Circuit called "Indian Popular League". The teams of the IPL should not be allowed to compete in the Popular League.

The Popular League may also have to live on some amount of Corporate Advertising. But, the quantum has to remain within reasonable limits. The solution for this evil is, the Associations have to cut down tournament costs , pay realistic remunerations to cricketers rather than sky-high sums. Stadia ticket prices should also be kept low. "Popular" should mean really "popular" i.e. win the confidence of common people. IPL should reflect the people's voice.

The Popular League should avoid the IPL Hot Girls. What Popular Cricket will have to do with Hot Girls? Popular League can hold Women's Cricket Tournaments side by side, which will promote gender equality.

Do we need Sharukh Khan or Priyanka Chopra at the Popular League?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


2009 Oct. 24
Madhepura Town, Bihar

Thus spake Shri Prabhat Kumar, the Organiser of Catwalk for buffaloes at Madhepura:-
'We had organised a buffalo catwalk, a rare event, to attract people's attention to their plight and to respect and care for them,' Prabhat Kumar, the man behind the show, told IANS.'

He dreams of organising similar events at National and international levels.

Shri Prabhat Kumar deserves accolades. People, to some extent, take care of cows, in India, for religious reasons. Buffaloes do equally great service to humanity. The owners feed them well but treat them as objects of commerce and neglect their freedom. The owners chain them and confine them to unhealthy dungeons devoid of moving place and exposed to mosquito, scorpion and snake bites. Buffaloes in homes where the owner has only one buffalo becomes more deplorable because the confinement becomes solitary. I feel that buffaloes deserve company of fellow buffaloes. They are to be kept without shackles in a larger area in the Company of other buffaloes. Company reduces their misery. Their horns may be cut to manageable levels to prevent them from in-fighting, locking one another and hurting one another. The owners seldom take them outside to meadows and hills for grazing. Dwindling free space in the precincts of villages, stringent forest laws against grazing, non-availability of cowboys have led to the practice of confining buffaloes during day time also, compounding their misery.

There is a Sanskrit proverb: "Janani Janmabhuumi Swargad api gariiyasi". Meaning: Mother and motherland are greater than heaven. I do not know about mother-land. I can say that a buffalo is as great as a mother. This is because mother breastfeeds a baby only for a few months. A buffalo feeds us throughout our lives, just in exchange for grass.

Had some Hollywood star Angelina Jolie or some Bollywood star Katrina Kaif or some other sexy filmy girl declared that she loved buffaloes, everybody would have treated buffaloes like kings and queens. Indians do not act, unless film stars tell them to.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee travelled in the Economy Class of Air India.

*How long she will travel in Economy class?
*Why didn't she travel in the Economy Class earlier?
*Won't her Z category security cause great inconvenience to fare-paying passengers?
*Will she restrict herself only to Air India? Will she shift to Kingfisher and Jet Airways?
*Why not the Govt. of India ask the Airlines operating in India, to build a separate compartment for politicians and call it "politicians' class?"

ADDED ON OCT. 25, 2009
The Congress leaders have already lost their steam.

*Shri Praful Patel, Minister of Civil Aviation visits Puttaparthi frequently, using a special plane. Ostensibly, on the official business of paying obeisance to Satya Sai Baba!

*Shri Konijeti Rosaiah, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh visited Puttaparti using a special plane. Does he believe that he owes his Chief Ministerial post to Satya Sai Baba?

Anyway who pays the hire for all these jolly air rides? What a great ostensity drive?

Friday, July 20, 2007


India's President Shri Abdul Kalam is nearing his eclipse. For former Presidents, normally, it will be only a sun-set without a sun-rise. No more, will there be glittering functions and nobody will there be to listen to sermons.

Shri Kalamji advised media in a glittering function that India should has health care and education as its priorities. During his five years tenure as its Presidents, India has made both health care and education multi million dollar businesses. Did he lift an eye brow when so much was going on against his wishes. Had he really been serious about what he said, he should have resigned or at least offered to resign.

This time there will be a different President Ms. Pratibha Patil whose Pratibha (merit and talent) is not know nation-wide. There may be a fresh batch of Presidential speech writers. People who matter will stop making against an incumbent President, because they do not get the lolly pops like circari advertisements and grants. Next five years of the Presidential round, will not definitely be of warding off flies of allegations, unless she creates fresh scams in her native place.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I visited Punjab in 1978 upto Vagha Border when I was under training at Chandigarh. At that time I found that Bar shops there were doing very brisk business. By 2007, things have changed! Our State A.P. is addicted to alcohol and is the largest buyer of liquors in India.

I am a pure vegetarian (+lacto). In 1978 I found it very hard to survive searching for vegetarian food in Punjab. Now, our State A.P. is one of the largest consumers of milk products in India. According to Andhra Jyoti, a Telugu Daily (which quoted, I think a study by National Institute of Nutrition), we now consume 1.3 million kilos of chicken, meat and fish. 89% of population of Andhra Pradesh have turned non-vegetarians.

I am afraid that entire Nation is turning non-vegetarian.

There seems to be a strong link between consumption of alcohol + non-vegetarian foods and the violence on the roads - burning buses, stone pelting, widespread rampage and use of abusive language. According to Bhagavad Gita and other Indian ancient books, alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are classified as Raajasika (suitable for kings and warriors). Now our wars take place on streets! You can see the Akali and Dera conflicts in Punjab. You can see the Gujjar and Jat strife in Rajasthan. In Andhra Pradesh we find top T.R.S. leaders using abusive language before media.

Monday, July 02, 2007



US: The American Supreme Court ruled by 5-4 majority that race cannot be used as a factor in school entry. (Quotas for different races like blacks, American Indians etc.). This infuriates politicians.

India: The Indian Supreme Court in recent past ruled against reservations beyond 50% and reservations on the basis of religion. All political parties in India without exception support reservations. For them Supreme Court is a stumbling block.

Added on 16.4.2014 Supreme Court of India has now added one more reservation category, transgenders. Of course, we need not oppose reservations in jobs, to transgenders per se.

In my mother tongue Telugu language we have a proverb: 'mandi ekkuvaitE majjiga palcana avutAyi'. If more people join the dinner, buttermilk will get diluted. If more and more classes are added for reservations, the shares of other classes will fall. Govt. has recently added jats, to the BCs category. What will be its impact on other BC category beneficiaries?

It is like this, the size of the cake remains same. If more people have to share it, each bit of the cake becomes small.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Family ties in India are undergoing drastic changes. Earlier parents used to depend on their sons for support in old age. Sons and daughters-in-law used to stay without separating from the joint family. Now-a-days, the tendency is sons leave to far off places by compulsion of seeking livelihood. Even if they stay in proximity, they rarely visit their parents owing to strained relations or indifference. What Vivekananda wrote on 25th September 1894 from New York to his brother disciples materialised today.

"... The son marries and no longer belongs to the family, but the daughter's husband pays frequent visits to his father-in-law's house ... ". He was describing his experiences in US.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


News reports indicate that Mr. Bill Clinton made $10M by speeches all over the world.

Mr. Clinton visited India also. Which Corporates and State Govts. paid for Clinton's speeches, we have to guess. Would Tatas have paid? IT Sector? Munjals? so on and so forth.
Did Satyam Computers pay?


Indians basically loved freedom. Yet they were enslaved for nearly a thousand years. They prefer to hold on to their individuality. However, the bastions of self-isolation are gradually breaking. These fissures can be seen in the culture of apartments spreading the entire length and breadth of India even to small towns.

Buying, renting and living in flats are understandable in Metros where there is scarcity of land. But today, the flat-building has become ubiquitous.

In Indian apartment life-style, the pathos can be seen when a resident of an apartment dies. The neighbors are eager that the dead body is taken away quickly or kept in the cellar or kept anywhere outside the building. The waiting time for the arrival of sons and daughters living abroad prevents the survivor-relatives of the dead persons hurrying up the funeral.

The neighbors on the other hand forget that they would die someday and that their bodies would be lying somewhere in the same flats waiting the arrival of kith and kin. Use of refrigerated glass mortuary boxes is becoming quite popular and it reduces the bizarre appearance of the old days. But the intolerance is increasing. Lack of empathy is the sole reason.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


News reports indicate that Chinese Communist Party is facing a crisis like situation on account of rampant corruption.

For Indian Communists, particularly the CPM, China is the Guru. Will CPM ignore the news?

Late President J.F. Kennedy said once: "When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity". Does CPM see any danger to Communism or Indian Communism?

Added on 16-4-2014.
The above comment was written seven years back in 2007.
Viewing it now in 2014, we can now see that CPM has now become nearly non-existent, even in Bengal. Yet, it does not stop promoting imaginary third fronts, which never take off.

In my mother tongue Telugu, there is a proverb. 'Dabbu ivvani vADu mundu bOTu ekkutADu.' English: A free-rider boards the boat first. In our State of Andhra Pradesh, there used to be a custom of boat people taking poor people into boats for crossing rivers etc. whenever there was space. A natural corollary for this will be that ticket payers will have to board the boat first followed by free-riders. But it so happened that free-riders strted boarding the boat first relegating the ticket payers to seat-searchers.

Powerful regional parties are not interested in forging fronts, unless their own leaders is accepted as the future Prime Minister. E.g. Jayalalitaa, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Nitishkumar et al. But our CPM leaders frequently approach and beg leaders of Regional parties asking them to join third front. CPM also expects that those Regional parties will give them some seats in their States. We can see this failed in Tamil Nadu in 2014 election.

We shall now see how it is going to fare, post May 2014.


Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, has arrived in Berlin for G-8 summit. He is expected to meet the US President Bush.

He is entering a cage.

Robert Frost, the US poet said "Pressed into Service means Pressed out of shape." .

Added on 16.4.2014:

Mr. Manmohan Singh continued his bondage to Mr. Obama who succeeded Bush.

We have to see, post 2014 May elections, who is going to take up this slavery-- Mr. Narendra Modi, or Mr. Rahul Gandhi , or Mr. Aravind Kejriwal, or Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The People of Pakistan seem to be in difficulties. Indian people cannot intervene because it is Pakistan's internal problem and any attempt to help will be misunderstood as an effort to destabilise it. US lays its hands everywhere. It is not clear whether US is siding Mushraff or the former Chief Justice of Pakistan. Anyway, it will be better if US also keeps off its hands. Unfortunately, UNO is also ineffective. The Pakistani people have to resurrect themselves.

Added on 16.4.2014:

Pakistan seems to getting habituated to democracy. though there are some aberrations here and there. Welcome.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Pakistan President Mushraff does not treat his own people well. He ousted his own Chief Justice. He is treating the CJ shabbily. The US trusts him blindly and too much. India too!

Mr. Mushraff confessed that he used the American military Aid to fight India.

India will now equally trust Messrs. Gilani and Zardari.

Added on 16.4.2014.

Everybody is now enamoured with 2014 May elections in India.

If Mr. Rahul Gandhi becomes PM, there may not be much change in Indian foreign policy.

Suppose if Mr. Narendra Modi becomes PM?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



(Feb. 17, 2007) News: According to UN Food Agency, out of 850 million children going to sleep on empty stomach in the world, 100 million are from India.

COMMENT: Indian PM Mr. Manmohan Singh was at the helm of affairs of Indian economy as the RBI Governor, Finance Secretary, Finance Minister taking credit for Reforms, and is now the PM.
Only he must be able to explain.


(Feb 9, 2007): PM of Italy is bringing a trade delegation to India. According to news reports Italy ranks 28th as a supplier to India and 34th as a buyer from India. The Italian PM is reported to be bringing enterpreneurs owning medium and small businesses.

COMMENT: The PM of Italy is doing what the leaders of France, UK, Germany etc. have done earlier: Sell something or other to India, particularly weapons. Besides, he may try to use the good offices of Ms Sonia Gandhi, President of the ruling Party, who was an Italian girl by birth. There is nothing wrong in it, which is a part of human nature. If some Indian born person becomes a top leader in Italy (this may never happen), Indian industrialists may try to influence the Italian Government through such leader. Will Ms. Sonia Gandhi allow such nationalist or birthplace preferences? This is a question of individual character.
One hopes Italy will try to equalise its ranks both as supplier and buyer. It is also good that small and medium enterprises are encouraged in foreign trade.
Time will decide.


23RD JANUARY 2007. Nobody, except the Bengal Government bothered about commemmorating Netaji Birthday. Netaji was not just a leader of Bengal or India. He deserved to be the world leader.

Had it been a birthday of a person of Nehru dynasty, the whole Congress Party would have been agog. The media would have been on a rage. The PM would have been on his tenterhooks visiting Shaki Sthal or some other ghat.


Annual Republic day Parade is a wasteful exercise consuming millions of Rupees and taking away the concentration of the Nation towards jumbories. Ministries and Departments spend at least one month rehearsing for the March. Then, ultimately what is shown? Stale dances. Outdated weapon systems. Owing to traffic jams created, people suffer greatly. Then the lawns of India Gate are trampled. In the world, only two countries India and Pakistan have this type of futile marches. Rajya Sabha member Shri M.S. Gill deserves all the praise for bringing the uselessness of the Republic Day Marches to the attention of the House.


(Dec 19, 2006) Ms. Sonia Gandhi, sitting on left, the Indian PM, Mr. Manmohan Singh declared that 'India has emerged as a successful democracy'

So-much-so for Indian democracy's maturity, we have a PM who himself does not think of and cannot get elected to the Lower House of the Parliament.


The PM with Sonia on the left declared: "... rigorously functioning democracy committed to the Rule of Law and respect for fundamental human freedoms..."

In spite of Land Ceiling Act and plethora of other laws, politicians in Andhra Pradesh could amass/buy/occupy thousands of hectares of land and hold on to them for decades. Where the rule of Law has gone? Fake encounters of hundreds of Maoists make a mockery of the Human Right Laws. If the A.P. Police are so efficient in shooting at sight, why they can never shoot armed robbers who rob places just a few meters from the Police Stations and leave before the wide eyes of the Police? How the Police become extremely efficient in forests and duds in towns and cities.



The GOI wants BSNL to provide connectivity in Kashmir and North East. The private Telecom Companies are skimming the developed India. Then why should BSNL alone be asked to build towers in backward areas?

The GOI should change its skewed policy. Why should the private Telecom Service Providers hesitate to go to rural areas?


Wifebeaters and their spouses have a right of privacy. The media and the viewers/readers have to respect the right. There are hundreds of issues to be reported by media on priority basis. But media neglect them, they consider such issues to be not sensational and consequently not newsworthy.

Wife beating is a habit which lasts a lifetime or at least the most active part of it. The beaten spouses have to get prepared for a vow of life-time secrecy. Under any circumstances, they should not again approach the media for publicity and public sympathy. Media cannot play the role of an agony aunt whose shoulders will be conveniently available for sobbing.

The legendary Sita of Ramayana fame was a silent private sufferer with elongated public image. Damayanti wife of Nala was another sufferer, but she solved her husband-made problems by her own intelligence. Draupadi, though not beaten by her husbands, had her own share of husband-caused woes. She was quite vociferous about them in Mahabharata. Tulasi w/o Jalandhara, Ahalya w/o Gautama, Renuka w/o Jamadagni, Rukmini, Jambavati, Nagnajiti and 16004 others (all wives of Krishna) stand as fine example of the Indian domestic framework. Hail! thy name is hypocrisy alias privacy.



The Chinese Ambassador in India sometime back said that Arunachal Pradesh was a part of India. Recently he said (as per Press reports) that secret border talks are in progress. Between the two statements, Indian Defence Minister said that Arunachal Pradesh was an integral part of India, and that it was beyond talks.

COMMENT If what is stated by the Indian Defence Minister is true, the Chinese Ambassador must be exceeding his authority. China should have recalled him. Apparently, he has the consent of his principals. But, how can India make secret talks? Border disputes cannot be discussed and settled by bureaucrats in secret parleys. These are to be evaluated by the highest authority in the country (Cabinet and President), report placed before the Parliament and the Parliament has to give guidelines.

COMMENTGovt. of India should appoint a committee of Opposition leaders, experts of history, army, a sitting judge of the Supreme Court, an MP, CMs of Arunachal and Meghalaya, to examine the whole issue. Transparency is required.


(Feb. 16, 2007): India and China released their joint logo of Taj and the China wall for the tourist promotion.

COMMENT:Indian Common people did not forget the treachery of China in 1962. The then Chinese Premier Chou En Lai used sweet words and praised Nehru. He did not hesitate to send his forces and occupy nearly 100,000 of Indian territory. China has not so far returned the territory. A Nation which does not have "shame" cannot retain its freedom or pride for long.



The Developed countries often accuse India and China of dumping their exports (Selling below their production price by providing subsidies) and levy countervailing duties. It will be prudent, if India stops exporting below production costs. Such practice causes national loss.

If India really wants to support its producers, it can subsidise domestic consumption. MERITS1. Consumers benefit. 2. Standard of Living of people goes up. 3. Subsidy amount remains within the country. 4. People can save more and invest more. This boosts production.
DEMERITSPeople get addicted to subsidies and crave for them.


News reports show that Indian firms opened about 180 shops in Geongjhou (Canton City). India is yet to open its Consulate Geongjhou.

If India China territory dispute fails to be resolved and if a war like situation develops, the Indian businessmen will have to face severe losses. Why there are so crazy of China? Are there absolutely no opportunities in India?



NEWS:Porsche Car, costing about Rs. 10 million is going to fish in Indian Markets. Rolls Royce, the British Carmaker owned by BMW Germany, returned to India after a gap of a half century. Its Chairman and CEO is very much elated. He is sanguine of a double digit growth. Credit Suisse is agog that india will surpass China in GDP growth.
President of India is keen that India should have 10% growth.

OPINIONHave all the European car makers reached a stage where they should sell wheels to India and China, or perish en masse?

India ranks 10th in the world in production of cars. Foreign car makers invest in India to capture Indian Car Markets. Rarely do they export cars.

which the Government of India is doing now, with the ostensible object of raising India's rank in global markets, does not cut any ice. Indian roads are narrow. Large cars guzzle fuel and cause traffic jams. Only neo-rich, super-rich can buy such cars for vulgar display of their ill-gotten wealth. Reduction of excise on large cars affects the demand for small cars (less than 4 meters length). The Govt. seems to be under pressure from producers of premium cars particularly MNCs and there seems to be a scam.


A foreign whisky Corporate estimates Indian Brown Liquor (Whisky and rum) Market at Rs. 345 billion. Half of India's population cannot eke out two square meals a day. India solicits foreign investment to make brown liquors. What a shameful state of affairs!

COMMENTThat means every Indian Citizen should spend Rs. 345 per annum on brown liquors.


I get a deep pain within to nick name our PM Mr. Manmohan Singh, as Isku Singh or Losku Singh. But it has become a compulsion, though not obsessive. Isku Singh: Because he speaks only to Indian School of Business (ISB). Losku Singh: Because he speaks only to the London School of Economics (LSE). He also speaks to elite industrial Mumbai Club like FICCI, ASSOCHAM, CII etc. He does not have the wherewithal to speak to bidi making women, fishermen, farm workers, or weavers. Recently, while speaking to LOSKUE, he made a fervant appeal to the Western World to recognise that India and China are rising. He found that India's share of GDP in the world GDP doubled.

FLAWS IN THIS ARGUMENT1. India's share in the world trade is hardly 1%. 2. At least half of the population is so poor that they get less than $2 a day. 3. We import wheat, pulses, oil seeds and edible oils (our food), textiles (clothing). 4. Poverty forces our rural women to sell their children soon after their birth. So much so for our child and women welfare. 5. Every day farmers commit suicides. Every week small traders commit suicides. Hence, what is there to coo about?

He has taken his liberalisation and globalisation to such a level that this country cannot any longer be called a Sovereign Republic. Proof: France sells Wine to India. India levies import duties on the wines. France is pressurising India to reduce/scrap them. If not amicably settled, its threat extends to approaching arbitrators. India is promising a favourable settlement and earnestly appealing to France not to approach arbitrators. Now, can we call ourselves a Sovereign country? Are we not worse than a Banana Republic? A country which cannot decide on its own what taxes it has to levy, cannot be really independent. Why should Indians drink French wine at all? There are hundreds of millions who do not get a square meal a day. What did Gandhiji tell us? Before taking every decision, we should keep in mind the poorest person in India and assess how it is going to benefit him. What is the use of celebrating birthdays of Gandhi and garlending him? It is high time for Indians to take stock of what is happening in their Mother Land.


Judges are appointed by the President of India, with the consent of CJI, on the recommendation of the Cabinet. Basically, they are appointees and not electees. Within their inner echelons of mind, some of them mayl be carrying a sense of gratitude to the persons responsible for their appointments. They are accountable to the Presidents and not to the People of India or any constituencies. The MPs are accountable to people and have to approach them quite frequently. The consequence of this divergence is MPs tend to be people friendly and be afraid to take decisions which hurt people. Judges tend to carry their attitudes and opinions derived from their past professional experience, which need not necessarily be people friendly.

There are some flaws in the functioning of our Parliament. Good laws may get halted, if there is a slender majority for the ruling party. Bad laws may get hastened, if there is steam roller majority. Either way, these flaws are to be corrected by the Parliament itself. Supreme Court can advise/suggest. But, it cannot make law and take it into its own hands. Today, there may be well-meaning, well-behaving, ethically high standard judges and they may not misuse the judicial activism which has reached its peak. But the precedents created will last Centuries. Some unscrupulous judges may misuse. Hence it will be in the fitness of things if judges leave the law making to Parliament.


Our President Mr Abdul Kalam , spoke at Puttaparti about creating a Knowledge Platform integrating Information Technology, Biotechnology, NanoTechnology and Robotics. He assured the nation that the Knowledge Platform will lead to innovations. His speech is full of rhetorics, like a platform speaker.

Before the Presidential Innovation of a Knowledge Platform, Shri Satya Sai Baba made his own innovation of creating gold chains and diamond rings from a vacuum. Recently, he did this feat before the Brand Ambassador of a Globentrotter Entertainment Foot Ball Team. He created and presented a gold ring to the Brand Ambassador who happened to be an American Citizen.

Baba showed his omniscience by pointing out to the visitor that his wife had five children, including a misscarriage; that his wife lost her diamond ring a few months back. Baba produced a diamond ring and presented to him. The visitor was very much mesmerised (or appeared to have been) about the superhuman powers of Baba. President of India may not be knowing the knowledge powers of Baba.

Baba spoke that a person should live for TRUTH. But he himself is the obstruction for discovery of truth. He does not allow the world to know how gold chains and diamond rings could be made from vacuum. He does not permit the world to prove how a person can be omniscient about things happening in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Baba speaks of love and tolerance. If somebody in his University refuses to sing the songs of prayer addressed to Baba, will his University tolerate? The student will be driven out.

His Universities, SuperSpeciality Hospitals and buildings, everything are just show pieces, intended to collect donations. There is no proper audit or taxation for the funds received by him in the names of various tests. Already, there are news reports of internal conlicts for succession between his relatives-cum-legal heirs and the coterie of devotees who manage his affairs.

If Presidents, Governors, Judges, Chief Ministers and other top functionaries can be misled by showpieces, when will truth really come out?

Jan. 23, 2007:
Baba again produced a gold chain from vacuum on the stage and presented to Karuna Nithi, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Occasion: Special felicitation function to Baba on the occasion of completion of Drinking Water supply Scheme from A.P. to Chennai. Sad thing: The recipient of the chain claims to be an atheist. But he will not bother to order an investigation into magical powers of God Persons.


Dec. 21, 2006: NEWS : The POI (President of India),
Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, is again at the feet of God Persons. This time, it is with Mata Amritanandamayi, at the inaugural function of Amrita Setu, a bridge linking the Tsunami hit Alappad Island with the main land Kollam District, Kerala.


1. It is good that God persons spend a part of their money on public works. But it is not clear why thy often need the Presidents, Governors and the CMs at their Asrams. Last year, President was at her Asram, presumably for her birth day.

2 At Trissur, POI gave a call to youth 'Work, Work, and work!' The crowd also responded positively. That means, the crowd has confessed that they were lazy hitherto. Before hearing the POI's speech, the youth were going to Gulf countries because there they could get more opportunities to be lazy.


The President of India said on Nov. 16, 2006: "Sops, subsidies have stunted competence. The SEZs (Special Economic Zones) forcibly introduced by his Government carry sops and subsidies of Rs. 100,000 crore or USD 5 billion over a five year period. Is he really trying to advise his cabinet on the right path?


This party is not an exception in craze for statues. The statues of its deceased leaders Bhupesh Gupta and Indrajit Gupta are awaiting installation in the Parliament House.


AIDMK wants the statue of MGR to be installed in Parliament House. The statue is waiting in Delhi. DMK wants the statue of Dayanidhi Maran in Parliament House.


CJI (Chief Justice of India) said on Nov.16, 2006: "The PM should not be within the purview of Lokpal. ... If the PM comes under a cloud, the country cannot function. There is a political process to get rid of a PM who should not be there."

Comment: Did that political process ever work? We have seen some corrupt Prime Ministers. In fact, some alleigance of some MPs was purchased to vote against a No Confidence Motion against the Government

Republican Party of India MP, Shri Ramdas Athawale said on Nov. 23, 2006 in Parliament: "Greg Chappel is not fulfilling his responsibilities. The defeat has brought disrepute to India."

The Indian MPs and the Cabinet have also failed in the defeat of this country in all fields except cricket. For example, in the field of Health, India emerged as No.1 in HIV-AIDS. India ranks among the most corrupt countries of the world.


"We are getting to know each other better. We conduct exercises with US, Singapore, Russia and Britain and there is no reason why we cannot have exercises with China." Thus said, the Chief of Army Staff, India, to reporters on Nov. 24, 2006 at Bangalore.

India entered into an agreement of Defence Co-operation with China.

In this world, who can do better than India? Here is a country which has occupied nearly 30,000 sq. miles of its territory (Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh). Here is a country which got as gift another 20,000 sq. miles from Pak Occupied Kashmir (Aksai Chin Area). Its Ambassador in India declares almost arrogantly, that Arunachal Pradesh is their territory.
India is going to give China business of USD 40 billion by 2010.
What a marvellous forgiveness! Or forgetfulness!

In Mumbai, the Chinese President visited the home of Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis who served as Doctor in Chinese-Japanese war between 1939 and 1942.
The Chinese President should have visited the homes of 20,000 Indian soldiers who were slain by Chinese invasion in 1962.


The CEO of a top tobacco Company gets a remuneration of Rs. 20 lakhs per month and a performance bonus of 100% salary. Perquisites at Company's expense both overt and covert are numerous. His remuneration may be a pittance when compared to what the top executives of Western Corporates earn or other elite Companies earn in India. In spite of such high remuneration, Private Sector Corporate Executrives are not free from stains of corruption, a la the lowly paid Bureaucrats and Public Sector Managers.

While the corruption of Bureaucrats is susceptible to public discussion, the rot in the Private Corporates nobody bothers. There is no personal liability or responsibility for the top paid executives. In India, except in Information Technology and Petroleum Exploration Sectors, most top management tasks do not need much technological expertise and skills. For example, to distribute atta supplied by contractor small scale units, what technological skills will be required?

Today's Private Sector Corporates cannot claim to be beyond public social equality parameters and pay astronomical remuneration to some favored top executives. After all, when the Companies become insolvent, who will be on the roads? Low level employees, small share holders and the public. The executives hop to greener pastures or just retire to bungalows with mem sahebs and dogs in the toe.


Shri Bharat Jhanjhanwala, noted columnist, wrote a beautiful piece comparing the views of Gandhi and Nauroji on 'development'. Here is a brief review based on a Telugu translation. Full text of the article can be seen in Indian Newspapers of Nov. 2006.

Dadabhai Nauroji wrote in 1901 in a book of his on poverty. According to Nauroji, Britain should raise the purchasing power of Indians. If every Indian per capita buys British goods worth Pound 1, British exports to India will be equal to its exports to the rest of the world. British colonial power on India would be mutually beneficial. Gandhiji did not agree with this view. He felt that the goal of economy should be to create employment and livelihood to poor without sacificing their self-respect. He felt that nobody should depend on Government largesse for survival. Gandhiji believed in Svadeshi.

Gandhiji felt that the goal of economy should be to create employment and livelihood to poor without sacificing their self-respect.

Gandhiji--Jamshedji Tata: Tata felt that Parsis should be grateful to the British for the prosperity of the Parsis in India. Gandhiji did not agree with this.
Gandhiji-Rabindranath Tagore: Tagore felt that Indian people will not bother whether the exploiter is an Indian Industrialist or a foreign industrialist. Gandhiji viewed that a domestic industrialist will retain his profits in India. A foreign industrialist investing in India will remit profits to his own country.

Gandhiji-Manmohan Singh: Manmohan Singh tours several foreign countries seeking foreign investment, assuring them free repatriation of dividends

Gandhiji felt that the fruits of new technologies should be passed on to all the countries of the world without inhibitions. The WTO is promoting TRIPS which hinders flow of technology to poor countries. It zealously guards the affluent nations Manmohan Singh is an active supporter of TRIPS.

Manmohan wants to benefits from the injustices and inequalities prevailing in world economy and world markets, treating them as opportunities. Gandhiji never thought of such exploitative ideas.


Nov. 3, 2006
PM, Manmohan Singh, speaking at Manipur promised dignified life with self respect.,

Does Manmohan Singh know the meaning of dignity and self-respect. His PMship itself is acquired by prostrating at the sanctum sanctorum of the deity of the Congress Party. He is promising dignity and self respect to millions who have been impoverished and reduced to the extreme ignominable state of commiting suicides, at the alter of his Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation.

Villagers in India led contented lives even in the midst of hardships and rigors of subsistence agriculture and ravages of nature. This was in spite of hundreds of invasions from the NorthWest right from the Aryans to the British. Their needs were few. Their needs were met from the agriculture and the rural artistry. Though there was some toil in the fields working the with the bullocks, his freedom (dignity+self-respect) was never in turmoil. The rural economy was by and large self sufficient, meeting all its needs from the local fairs.

Today, under the threat of globalisation, he is forced to produce for the world markets, particularly for the consumption of the West. They pay a pittance for his toil. Today everything has become a compelling business for the villagers. They have to hire tractors and agri machinery for tilling, sowing and every conceivable agri operation. They have to buy chemical fertilisers and pesticides at exhorbitant prices. In the subsistence agriculture, the farmers were producing for domestic consumption, and if there were surpluses he was selling as an option. There was no coercion for him to sell.

Now, that inputs are purchased investing huge amounts, and then there is competition not only with the immediate neighbour but with the entire world, he can never forecast/guess how much he will get. Since he is investing large amounts borrowing at market rates of interest, he cannot wait the release of his output in the market, as interest costs will go up. When he takes his crop to the market soon after the harvest, the prices shrink. He loses his dignity, sleeps on the piles of the grain or cotton in the market yard in fog, awaiting his turn to weigh the produce or begging the traders to buy his oranges or tomatos or cotton. In the mean time, some China or US will dump its output into Indian ports and the markets will be in flame. Manmohan and his team members exhort the farmers to become globally competitive. The entire mechanism of Support Price is a hoax. Nobody will buy from the farmer direct. Only intermediaries can sell to the Government Corporations.


In most countries, accused in a criminal case is regarded as 'innocent' till convicted by a competent court. A criminal case becomes active when a Magistrate frames charges against accused after finding that there is a prima facie case. Hence, an accused before framing of charges and after framing of charges stands on a slight different footing, though in both situations he is regarded as innocent.

In India Prime Minister at the Centre and Chief Ministers in the State admit persons accused of criminal offenses into their cabinets and allow them to take administrative/executive decisions involving billions of Rupees. In case, the accused Minister is found guilty later and convicted, what will happen to the decisions made by him? Technically, the Govt. can always argue that the decisions will be valid. OK, they may be valid.

Solutions: 1. Tainted persons can be kept away from cabinet. This also leads to injustice. If the accused is acquitted later and his innocence is established, he would have been denied a life-times opportunities in his career path. Hence, this is injurious. 2. Concurrent evaluation of decisions made by accused Ministers, by appointing a Committee of three retired Judges.

But, what will be their moral validity? The offense for which the Minister was convicted, had been committed prior to his joining the cabinet. That means his hands were already dirty. His conscience is not clean. The dirt is not known with certainty. During the currency of the case (usually some years), if the incumbant minister takes key decisions affecting the future of the people, what will be their fate? It is true, that reopening of all the decisions will open a pandora box and lead to great to confusion, since some people/parties might have invested large funds or made some other decisions which cannot be reversed. If the criminal minister had made some corrupt and injurious decisions, should innocent persons suffer owing to the highhandedness of the minister.

Solutions: 1. Tainted persons can be kept away from cabinet. This also leads to injustice. If the accused is acquitted later and his innocence is established, he would have been denied a life-times opportunities in his career path. Hence, this is injurious. 2. Concurrent evaluation of decisions made by accused Ministers, by appointing a Committee of three retired Judges. Though this may hurt the ego of the accused ministers, they may still accept it as a via media method.


The awful state of affairs prevailing in the media business, portends an ugly scenario. Today, the print media is unable to sell even a page of its creations, without the photos of the Big B, Abhishek and Aisvarya Roy appearing on top. TV channels cannot run a news window without showing the trio. For the purpose, the TV crew chases the celebrities to temples and the toilets. If the celebrities spit on them, they wipe off and continue. The joke is, media pontificates to the Govt. and the public on what they should do and should not do.

The media sings a sololoquy 'We are doing our best in the given business environment. Running media is business. The Govt. does not subsidise us. There is no place for ideals and social changes. We are not here to reform the society. etc.'

The media should try to wriggle out of the self-made trap, without injuring itself. It may have to evolve its own code of conduct and implement it earnestly. Bigger sharks and media-barons may not co-operate, because it is they who started the rat race. They hate a community discipline and will do everything to vitiate healthy disciplined codes.


'It was the normal practice of the police or the investigating authority to book the leaders of such movements' - Shri L.K. Advani, BJP leader and former Home Minister in Parliament, about the case pending against him about demolition of Babri Masjid.

Comment If a finger presses trigger and the pistol fires, who is to be booked? The person owning the finger and the pistol or the pistol itself?


What is fashion? Is it displaying one thigh and hiding the other?

The photo of Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra displaying the fashion created by Vikram Phadnis at the music release of their film 'Salaam-e-ishq' in Mumbai, is ugly. What is fashion? Is it displaying one thigh and hiding the other? Why the male companion should be in full suit? Instead, he can ware a burqua.

Dark colors often symbolise dark deeds. Bollywood's links to the crime world are well known. Why did the hero and heroine wear black clothes? Dark horror of Mumbai?


"The component plans for SCs and STs will need to be revitalised. We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the Muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably in the fruits of development. They must have the first claim on resources," Singh said.

Does this mean that Muslim minority will have first claim over SCs and STs?


According to news reports, BJP wants India to reject the nuclear deal entered by it with US.

COMMENT: Had BJP been in power, it would have entered into a worse Nuclear Agreement with US. Let BJP top leaders look into mirrors or ponder over their consciences at midnight


India quite frequently accuses Pakistan of cross-border terrorism. India also often complains about infiltrators across the borders. India is not in a position to identify the foreigners who overstay their visa periods. India is like a billion crowd of sheep in which it is difficult to catch sheep X.

Now India and Pakistan are liberalising their visa policies and procedures. Will India stop accusing Pakistan? India is putting cart before the horse.


It is common for Indians to boast abroad, about their country. Right from the PM to a Village Sarpanch trumpets that his country and China are going to World's Super Powers. Description of its scenaric spots, architectural monuments, sculpture, the spirituality abounds everywhere. When I visited recently, I found some boasts of these sorts. I was tempted to write some truths, though I may appear to be cynical, pessimistic and sceptical.

What else you can see in India?
1. All villages: Farmers committing suicides, unable to get reasonable price for their output, after agriculture has become uneconomical owing to globalisation and liberalisation of import of agri. commodities.

2. All cities: Orphan children searching for left overs in dust bins, while the neo rich relish ice creams in honda vans.

3. 93 out of 540 members of Lower House of Parliament facing criminal charges.

4. Without bribing, we cannot get a place even in grave yard.

5. India is reaching top in HIV-AIDS.

6. Half of the people toil to make two square meals every day.

7. You can buy Coke and Pepsi everywhere, but not a glass of clean water to drink.

8. Dharavi (Mumbai) is the largest slum in Asia and probably the world. Million people live in a stretch of just 175 acres. Every Indian city has equaly dreadful slums.

9. In Chennai and Lucknow, stampedes took place when Government distributed sarees to women and dozens of women died. Women suffer scarcity of sarees to cover their bodies with.

10. Tirupati Venkateswara the richest God in the world after Vatican, gets tons of gold. Around 30 million people visit the place every year. Most of them are poor.

11. Christian missionaries are on a prowl to convert starving people into Christianity by offering money.

These are the harsh realities which we cannot hide behind a rosy facade. Yet, people are miraculously happy because they live with contentment and tension-free, even if be there is no meal for tomorrow. Bulk of people's minds are not corrupt with commerce. Hence, INDIA is visit worthy. About contentment and commerce of an Indian villager, a good narration can be found in the novel 'Mysterious Stranger' by Mark Twain.

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