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023 Modi wave or BJP wave or anti Congress wave?

23 Modi wave or BJP wave or anti Congress wave?
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"Modi is the representative of the party as the prime ministerial candidate. And whenever a dynamic person moves with the support of the party, he creates a very strong sympathy and support for him, because of his track record also. So its not a highly personalized thing, it is a representative wave. He gets support from different parts of the country, from different sections of society, and from all leaders of BJP. So, he represents the general mood and the desire for change. You may call it a Modi wave, there is no harm in it. But it is a sum total of what is happening inside the country, it represents that,"

It is now the developmental model of the country as presented by BJP. In a country like India, what developmental model is true for Jammu and Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh, may not be true for Kerala.

"So to say that this model or that model -- no. So some good points may be there, some good points from the government of Tripura will also be there, it is not some straitjacket model,"

ybrao a donkey's feelings

We should, first, appreciate the courage shown by Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi, amidst all-pervasive Modimania. I hope he will persevere with it.

This type of courage Mr. Advani couldn't show.

But it will be better to call the waves roaring today, as 'anti-congress waves', rather than Modi waves or BJP waves.

There is no wonder or speciality in BJP winning in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgadh and Delhi, because they were and are BJP ruled states even before the advent of Modism on the BJP's horizon.

We can prove that there is a BJP wave or a Modi wave, only when BJP secures victories in Non-BJP ruled States like Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu.

In the mean time we can compare the publicity, marketing blitzkriez, paid-news we see in print and electronic media, only to the market promotion campaigns of film distributors.

Reasons for widespread anti-congress wave, are well-known:

1. anti-incumbancy factor.

2. sky-rocketing prices

3. hardships suffered by people owing to unilateral enforcement of Adhar scheme.

4. great scams and corruption.

5. displacement of farmers from their ancestral lands for setting up SEZs and parks.

6. suicide of farmers, as farming turned into an unviable high-risk commercial venture, resulting in debt and harassment from money-lenders.

7. suicide of small traders as small-scale trading could not compete with malls and super markets, bolstered by foreign investments and Chinese goods.

8. Conversion of education and health care into Corporate businesses, turning them inaccessible to common people.

9. Widespread unemployment both of unskilled labor and educated youth, as agriculture, agro-based industries and manufacturing sectors turned sick.

10. Excess emphasis on speculation in gold, shares, bonds, real estate, resulting in creation of nouveau-riche in the midst of deprivation and squalor.

Common man's dilemma is, whom to vote, to reflect their anger towards Congress? Though Mr. Modi is projected as a solution, his economic agenda does not differ from the economic agenda of Congress.

Example: Mr. Narendra Modi patronised the Adani Group. Congress too wanted to patronise the same Adani Group. When Rahul Gandhi pointed out Modi's fetish for Adani saying 'Advani out and Adani in', photos showing Adani and Vadhra discussing something, went viral on internet.

As far as crony Capitalism is concerned, no party can be immune in India, including AAP and Communists.

Mr. L.K. Advani's about turns

“This is the first ever election where it can be felt that people have already made up their minds to throw out the present (UPA) government. There is no doubt that BJP will form government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. I will take up any role which will be offered to me after election,”

Feelings of ybrao a donkey

We should not forget that SrIvAru has retweated a tweat which compared Mr. Modi to a snake.

Now, how Mr. Advani takes an about-turn? Because Mr. Modi fell down on his feet?

What responsibilities does Shri Advani want to shoulder in Mr. Modi's regime? Does he want to be anointed as President of India? Then, he has to wait another four years. Will he be satisfied if Lok Sabha's speakership is offered?
Or does he wants restoration of his Dy. Prime Ministership, with charge of Home Ministry? This may not be possible, because it might have been reserved for Mr. Amit Shah.

The election canvassing work of Mr. Advani in his Gandhinagar constituency used to be, earlier entrusted to his daughter. This time, Shri Advani has entrusted it to his son. One question which occurs to my mind is, why didn't he entrust this work to a second string leader in Gandhinagar? Why always close relatives and family members? Probably, it involves handling of cash.

Probably, because Mr. Advani might have thought that time for him is going to be up by 2019 when he may not be given even a ticket at Gandhinagar, and that it would be better to pass on the mantle to son, as customary in Indian politics. Mr. Advani might have entrusted his son's future to the gloves of Mr. Modi. Second string leaders in India can never get a chance, unless they start manoeuvering for themselves a la Mr. Modi.

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