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24 Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy, and Priyanka drinking episode.

24 Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy, and Priyanka drinking episode.

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"...(Ms. Priyanka) Gandhi would have been thrashed if she had done so (contested elections) as she drinks too much alcohol and has a bad name...."

Another version of what Dr. Swamy was reported to have said: "...she would have been thrashed if she had contested parliamentary elections from Varanasi against Narendra Modi, as she drinks too much alcohol and has a bad name. ..."

another version of what Dr. Swamy said:

"...They saved her. She would have got a thrashing. She is very unpopular, she drinks too much alcohol and she has a bad name, her husband has a bad name."

“...Gunde badmaasho ke tareeke istmaal karenge to lok tantra kaise chalaenge (If goons tactics will be used then how will they run democracy)?..."

“...All I said was Priyanka Gandhi should quit smoking and set an example. Why doesn’t she just say she doesn't drink?...”

“...There are courts to file defamation case at, what is this protest and all? More ppl showed up than Rahul Gandhi's meeting...”

"They saved her. She would have got a thrashing. She is very unpopular, she drinks too much alcohol and she has a bad name, her husband has a bad name,"

ybrao a donkey's observations

First-of-all, Dr. Subramnian Swamy appears to exceed limits of decency and dignity.

I am not sure whether this lack of decency and dignity is a representative trait of alumni of Harvard University, which seem to admit students not only on merit but also on donations.

Dr. Swamy can be seen from the above, challenging aggrieved persons to approach court and sue him for libel. This courage might have probably stemmed from his conviction that he has evidence and facts before him, and that disclosing truth can be a good defence against libels.

Apart from disclosing facts and truths, a defamer can also have a defence of compulsion to disclose facts and truths for public good.

In India and in most other countries, alcoholism has never been a disqualification for contesting to Parliament.
Alcoholism of Lok Sabha contestants was never a contentious issue of public debate in India. People have elected, are electing, and will probably continue electing alcoholics as MPs.

There are alcoholics in all parties, including Dr. Swamy's Party, BJP. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is reputed as an aficionado of spirits. Mr. P.N. Sangma, our former Lok Sabha Speaker is also believed to be a lover of spirits.

Can BJP place on its website, the names and addresses of connoisseurs of wine who are members of BJP, contesting as M.L.A.s/M.P.s?

Can it place on its website the names and addresses of liquor traders who are members of BJP? I am sure that BJP can't and won't. Of course, other parties also can't do.

Then why segregate Mrs. Priyanka Vadra and Mr. Vadra?

Dr. Swamy's misadventure will do one good. Indians have a tendency to believe that celebrities and leaders are paragons of virtue and models of excellence.

Thousands of Indians have named their children as Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv, Sanjay, Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka. Hearing this news, if at least some Indians start treating leaders as ordinary human beings, with average instincts, habits, iq, intellect, etc., it will do great good to Indian democracy.

In other words, we have to humanify, humanise our demy Gods, down to earth. This does not mean that we should look them down upon. It is, rather, we stop looking at them in the sky with awe, as if they were descending from some other planet, to imbue us with divinity.

Whatever I am writing here, also apply to other castes of celebrities like film stars, cricketers, judges, journalists, professors, corporate executives and industrialists.

About gUnDE, badmAshE adjectives used by Dr. Swamy for describing protesters, he may please realise that BJP workers also seem to indulge in similar gUnDE, badmAshE methods, occasionally. Can Dr. Swamy counsel (or at least request) the top leaders of BJP to discourage this type of tendencies in BJP, even if assuming that they are fewer in number than in Congress?

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