Friday, July 20, 2007


India's President Shri Abdul Kalam is nearing his eclipse. For former Presidents, normally, it will be only a sun-set without a sun-rise. No more, will there be glittering functions and nobody will there be to listen to sermons.

Shri Kalamji advised media in a glittering function that India should has health care and education as its priorities. During his five years tenure as its Presidents, India has made both health care and education multi million dollar businesses. Did he lift an eye brow when so much was going on against his wishes. Had he really been serious about what he said, he should have resigned or at least offered to resign.

This time there will be a different President Ms. Pratibha Patil whose Pratibha (merit and talent) is not know nation-wide. There may be a fresh batch of Presidential speech writers. People who matter will stop making against an incumbent President, because they do not get the lolly pops like circari advertisements and grants. Next five years of the Presidential round, will not definitely be of warding off flies of allegations, unless she creates fresh scams in her native place.

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