Thursday, June 14, 2007


Indians basically loved freedom. Yet they were enslaved for nearly a thousand years. They prefer to hold on to their individuality. However, the bastions of self-isolation are gradually breaking. These fissures can be seen in the culture of apartments spreading the entire length and breadth of India even to small towns.

Buying, renting and living in flats are understandable in Metros where there is scarcity of land. But today, the flat-building has become ubiquitous.

In Indian apartment life-style, the pathos can be seen when a resident of an apartment dies. The neighbors are eager that the dead body is taken away quickly or kept in the cellar or kept anywhere outside the building. The waiting time for the arrival of sons and daughters living abroad prevents the survivor-relatives of the dead persons hurrying up the funeral.

The neighbors on the other hand forget that they would die someday and that their bodies would be lying somewhere in the same flats waiting the arrival of kith and kin. Use of refrigerated glass mortuary boxes is becoming quite popular and it reduces the bizarre appearance of the old days. But the intolerance is increasing. Lack of empathy is the sole reason.

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